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Di Giacinto, Valter (2)

Shen, Junyi (1)

Zhang, Di (1)

Asghar, Sobia (1)

Vita, Annunziata (1)

Yalçıntaş, Murat (1)

Benito, Bernardino (1)

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Gitto, Simone (3)

Martini, Gianmaria (3)

Nijkamp, Peter (3)

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Bottasso, Anna (2)

Madlener, Reinhard (2)

Davidova, Sophia (2)

Pels, Eric (2)

Piga, Claudio (2)

Zawalińska, Katarzyna (2)

Matsushima, Noriaki (2)

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Recent works citing Fabio Carlucci (2022 and 2021)

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2022Green transition as a driver of technical efficiency. An empirical study on Italian airports. (2022). Espa, Giuseppe ; Giuliani, Diego ; Dickson, Maria Michela ; Serio, Riccardo Gianluigi. In: Papers. RePEc:arx:papers:2210.02736.

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2022Assessing the efficiency of smallholder sugarcane production: The case of Faisalabad, Pakistan. (2022). Sasaki, Nophea ; Saqib, Shahab E ; Jourdain, Damien ; Tsusaka, Takuji W ; Asghar, Sobia. In: Agricultural Water Management. RePEc:eee:agiwat:v:269:y:2022:i:c:s0378377422001901.

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2021Measurement and determinants of efficiency in the municipal police service. (2021). Benito, Bernardino ; Guillamon, Maria-Dolores ; Martinez-Cordoba, Pedro-Jose. In: Evaluation and Program Planning. RePEc:eee:epplan:v:85:y:2021:i:c:s0149718920302081.

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2022Effectiveness of carbon tax and congestion cost in improving the airline industry greening level and welfare: A case of two competing airlines. (2022). Jakhar, Suresh Kumar ; Kumar, Patanjal ; Dixit, Aasheesh. In: Journal of Air Transport Management. RePEc:eee:jaitra:v:100:y:2022:i:c:s0969699722000035.

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2022Electric vehicles’ consumer behaviours: Mapping the field and providing a research agenda. (2022). Ferraris, Alberto ; Lanzalonga, Federico ; Calandra, Davide ; Secinaro, Silvana. In: Journal of Business Research. RePEc:eee:jbrese:v:150:y:2022:i:c:p:399-416.

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2021The Subsidized Green Revolution: The Impact of Public Incentives on the Automotive Industry to Promote Alternative Fuel Vehicles (AFVs) in the Period from 2010 to 2018. (2021). Reimers, Patrick. In: Energies. RePEc:gam:jeners:v:14:y:2021:i:18:p:5765-:d:634529.

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2021An Ex Ante Analysis of the Planned Transportation Network in the Region of Extremadura (Spain) by Using Physical Parameters. (2021). Plasencia-Lozano, Pedro. In: Sustainability. RePEc:gam:jsusta:v:13:y:2021:i:11:p:5947-:d:561682.

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2021deaR-Shiny: An Interactive Web App for Data Envelopment Analysis. (2021). Bolos, Vicente J ; Coll-Serrano, Vicente ; Benitez, Rafael. In: Sustainability. RePEc:gam:jsusta:v:13:y:2021:i:12:p:6774-:d:575403.

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2021Analyzing Prospective Owners’ Choice Decision towards Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles in Urban India: A Stated Preference Discrete Choice Experiment. (2021). Maitra, Bhargab ; Bera, Reema. In: Sustainability. RePEc:gam:jsusta:v:13:y:2021:i:14:p:7725-:d:592113.

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2021A Machine Learning Approach to Determine Airport Asphalt Concrete Layer Moduli Using Heavy Weight Deflectometer Data. (2021). Rondinella, Fabio ; Miani, Matteo ; Baldo, Nicola ; Celauro, Clara. In: Sustainability. RePEc:gam:jsusta:v:13:y:2021:i:16:p:8831-:d:610043.

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2021Sustainable Performances of Small to Medium-Sized Airports in the Adriatic Region. (2021). Graziani, Andrea ; Canestrari, Francesco ; Mancinelli, Enrico ; Passerini, Giorgio ; Rizza, Umberto. In: Sustainability. RePEc:gam:jsusta:v:13:y:2021:i:23:p:13156-:d:689528.

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2022Airport Sustainability Awareness: A Theoretical Framework. (2022). Obrecht, Matevz ; Barakat, Mahmoud ; Salah, May ; Eid, Ahmed. In: Sustainability. RePEc:gam:jsusta:v:14:y:2022:i:19:p:11921-:d:921357.

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2022Assortment of Airports’ Sustainability Strategy: A Comprehensiveness Analysis Framework. (2022). Karagkouni, Aristi ; Dimitriou, Dimitrios. In: Sustainability. RePEc:gam:jsusta:v:14:y:2022:i:7:p:4217-:d:785464.

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2022Exploring the Performance of International Airports in the Pre- and Post-COVID-19 Era: Evidence from Incheon International Airport. (2022). Park, Yonghwa ; Shamohammadi, Mehdi ; Kwon, Oh Kyoung ; Choi, Jong Hae. In: Sustainability. RePEc:gam:jsusta:v:14:y:2022:i:7:p:4222-:d:785659.

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2021Analysis of Airport Operational Performance in Selected Airports of Northern Nigeria. (2021). Hauwa, Wokili-Yakubu ; Joel, Ojekunle ; Ibrahim, Ayinla Akorede ; Victor, Omoke ; Obioma, Nwaogbe. In: LOGI – Scientific Journal on Transport and Logistics. RePEc:vrs:logitl:v:12:y:2021:i:1:p:111-122:n:8.

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2021A frontier?based managerial approach for relative sustainability performance assessment of the worlds airports. (2021). Yalçıntaş, Murat ; Yalinta, Murat ; Bulu, Melih ; Onat, Nuri C ; Bulak, Muhammet Enis ; Abdella, Galal M ; Alawi, Khalel Ahmed ; Kucukvar, Murat. In: Sustainable Development. RePEc:wly:sustdv:v:29:y:2021:i:1:p:89-107.

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Works by Fabio Carlucci:

2018Factors affecting transport privatization: An empirical analysis of the EU In: Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice.
[Full Text][Citation analysis]
2012Aree naturali protette e strumenti di analisi per la pianificazione degli investimenti In: SCIENZE REGIONALI.
[Full Text][Citation analysis]
2018Measuring and Explaining Airport Efficiency and Sustainability: Evidence from Italy In: Sustainability.
[Full Text][Citation analysis]
2018Hybrid Electric Vehicles: Some Theoretical Considerations on Consumption Behaviour In: Sustainability.
[Full Text][Citation analysis]
2009The Planning Policies for Infrastructural Investments in Seaports: a System Dynamics Approach In: Economia dei Servizi.
[Full Text][Citation analysis]
2009Competitività ed efficienza delle infrastrutture terminali del trasporto marittimo: analisi del sistema dei porti nel Mediterraneo e livello di integrazione logistica In: Working Papers.
[Full Text][Citation analysis]
2009Compagnie aeree low cost, competitività dei sistemi aeroportuali e ricadute sui territori locali In: Working Papers.
[Full Text][Citation analysis]
2011Sostenibilità istituzionale nelle scelte infrastrutturali per il trasporto aereo: il caso degli aeroporti minori In: Working Papers.
[Full Text][Citation analysis]

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