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Hanley, Nick (21)

Czajkowski, Mikolaj (18)

Artell, Janne (9)

Gren, Ing-Marie (8)

Huhtala, Anni (8)

Koundouri, Phoebe (8)

Turner, Karen (7)

Rehdanz, Katrin (6)

Chatzistamoulou, Nikos (6)

Elofsson, Katarina (6)


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Gren, Ing-Marie (5)

Artell, Janne (5)

Meyerhoff, Jürgen (4)

Czajkowski, Mikolaj (4)

Roussel, Sébastien (3)

Huhtala, Anni (3)

Egan, Kevin (3)

Hanemann, Michael (3)

Hanley, Nick (3)

Harrison, Glenn (3)

Koundouri, Phoebe (3)

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Ecological Economics8
Environmental & Resource Economics3

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DEOS Working Papers / Athens University of Economics and Business2

Recent works citing Tore Söderqvist (2022 and 2021)

YearTitle of citing document
2021Public preferences for marine plastic litter reductions across Europe. (2021). Duijndam, Sem ; Dijkstra, Hanna ; Brouwer, Roy ; Rehdanz, Katrin ; Khedr, Salma ; Okoli, Ikechukwu C ; van Beukering, Pieter. In: Papers. RePEc:arx:papers:2107.03957.

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2022Relative Price Changes of Ecosystem Services: Evidence from Germany. (2022). Drupp, Moritz A ; Heckenhahn, Jonas. In: CESifo Working Paper Series. RePEc:ces:ceswps:_9656.

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2021The impact of academic information supply and familiarity on preferences for ecosystem services. (2021). Figuieres, Charles ; de Wit, Rutger ; Simier, Monique ; Rey-Valette, Helene ; Sy, Mariam Maki. In: Ecological Economics. RePEc:eee:ecolec:v:183:y:2021:i:c:s0921800921000173.

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2021Trade-off decisions in ecosystem management for poverty alleviation. (2021). Eigenbrod, Felix ; Schaafsma, Marije ; Turner, Kerry ; Schreckenberg, Kate ; Nunan, Fiona ; Hutton, Craig ; Gross-Camp, Nicole ; Gasparatos, Alexandros. In: Ecological Economics. RePEc:eee:ecolec:v:187:y:2021:i:c:s0921800921001610.

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2022Innovative fire policy in the Amazon: A statistical Hicks-Kaldor analysis. (2022). Silva, Sonaira ; Anderson, Liana ; Morello, Thiago. In: Ecological Economics. RePEc:eee:ecolec:v:191:y:2022:i:c:s0921800921003074.

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2021Participatory systematic mapping as a tool to identify gaps in ecosystem services research: insights from a Baltic Sea case study. (2021). Burkhard, Benjamin ; Vikstrm, Suvi ; Riikonen, Simo ; Trentlage, Jennifer ; Oinonen, Soile ; Kuhn, Tinka K. In: Ecosystem Services. RePEc:eee:ecoser:v:48:y:2021:i:c:s2212041620301790.

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2021Valuing the economic impacts of seed dispersal loss on voluntary carbon markets. (2021). Galetti, Mauro ; Ruiz, Cesar Augusto ; Culot, Laurence ; Bello, Carolina. In: Ecosystem Services. RePEc:eee:ecoser:v:52:y:2021:i:c:s2212041621001200.

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2021Economic consequences of follow-up disasters: Lessons from the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake. (2021). Hamano, Masashige ; Vermeulen, Wessel N ; Evgenidis, Anastasios. In: Energy Economics. RePEc:eee:eneeco:v:104:y:2021:i:c:s0140988321004321.

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2021Policies for wetlands implementation in Denmark and Sweden – historical lessons and emerging issues. (2021). Jacobsen, Brian ; Hoffmann, Carl Christian ; Graversgaard, Morten ; Tonderski, Karin ; Feuerbach, Peter ; Strand, John A ; Powell, Neil ; Kjaergaard, Charlotte ; Odgaard, Mette Vestergaard ; Dalgaard, Tommy. In: Land Use Policy. RePEc:eee:lauspo:v:101:y:2021:i:c:s0264837720325448.

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2021Perceived importance and economic valuation of ecosystem services in Ghodaghodi wetland of Nepal. (2021). Maraseni, Tek ; Ojha, Bhuwan Raj ; Aryal, Kishor. In: Land Use Policy. RePEc:eee:lauspo:v:106:y:2021:i:c:s0264837721001733.

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2021Consumer willingness to pay for bio-based products: Do certifications matter?. (2021). Morone, Andrea ; Caferra, Rocco ; Imbert, Enrica ; Falcone, Pasquale Marcello ; D'Adamo, Idiano. In: International Journal of Production Economics. RePEc:eee:proeco:v:240:y:2021:i:c:s0925527321002243.

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2021Testing structural benefit transfer: The role of income inequality. (2021). Drupp, Moritz ; Hanley, Nick ; Meya, Jasper N. In: Resource and Energy Economics. RePEc:eee:resene:v:64:y:2021:i:c:s0928765521000026.

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2021Incorporating time lags and uncertainty in cost-benefit analysis of water quality improvements – a case study of Limfjorden, Denmark. (2021). Olsen, Søren ; Larsen, Tobias Holmsgaard ; Jacobsen, Brian H ; Lundhede, Thomas. In: IFRO Working Paper. RePEc:foi:wpaper:2021_01.

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2021Multi-Use of the Sea as a Sustainable Development Instrument in Five EU Sea Basins. (2021). de Sousa, Marta ; Maniopoulou, Mairi ; Depellegrin, Daniel ; Michaek, Monika ; Barbanti, Andrea ; Szefler, Kazimierz ; Varona, Mario Cana ; Lazi, Marija ; Lakamp, Rianne ; Ramieri, Emiliano ; Buchanan, Bruce ; Schupp, Maximilian Felix ; Bocci, Martina ; Gee, Kira ; Krause, Gesche ; Lukic, Ivana ; Orobello, Christian ; Buck, Bela H ; Calado, Helena ; Szultka, Stanisaw ; Papaioannou, Eva ; Zaucha, Jacek ; Gawlikowska-Hueckel, Krystyna ; Onyango, Vincent ; Przedrzymirska, Joanna ; Kyriazi, Zacharoula ; Schultz-Zehden, Angela ; Vassilopoulou, Vassiliki. In: Sustainability. RePEc:gam:jsusta:v:13:y:2021:i:15:p:8159-:d:598646.

Full description at2021

Economic Valuation of Ecosystem Service Benefits and Welfare Impacts of Offshore Marine Protected Areas: A Study from the Baltic Sea. (2021). Ahtiainen, Heini ; Pakalniete, Kristne ; Stre, Solvita ; Hansen, Henning Sten ; Armokaite, Aurelija ; Andersone, Ingrda ; Aigars, Juris . In: Sustainability. RePEc:gam:jsusta:v:13:y:2021:i:18:p:10121-:d:632380.

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2021Spatial and Temporal Evolution of Dairy Farming Coordination between Economy and Ecology in China. (2021). Qian, Guixia ; Li, Ran. In: Sustainability. RePEc:gam:jsusta:v:13:y:2021:i:22:p:12618-:d:679611.

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2021Considerations of Use-Use Interactions between Macroalgae Cultivation and Other Maritime Sectors: An Eastern Baltic MSP Case Study. (2021). Stre, Solvita ; Psuty, Iwona ; Lees, Liisi ; Kivupuu, Anneliis ; Kotta, Jonne ; Ikauniece, Anda ; Hansen, Henning Sten ; Bonnevie, Ida Maria ; Schroder, Lise ; Andersone, Ingrda ; von Thenen, Miriam ; Brda, Ieva ; Szymanek, Lena ; Armokait, Aurelija ; Sprukta, Sandra. In: Sustainability. RePEc:gam:jsusta:v:13:y:2021:i:24:p:13888-:d:703472.

Full description at Econpapers || Download 2021

Valuing Ecosystem Services at the Urban Level: A Critical Review. (2021). Penati, Tommaso ; Lucchitta, Benedetta ; Croci, Edoardo. In: Sustainability. RePEc:gam:jsusta:v:13:y:2021:i:3:p:1129-:d:484963.

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2021Remediating Agricultural Legacy Nutrient Loads in the Baltic Sea Region. (2021). Tanzer, Julia ; Hermann, Ludwig. In: Sustainability. RePEc:gam:jsusta:v:13:y:2021:i:7:p:3872-:d:527742.

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2021Economic valuation of recreational attributes using a choice experiment approach: An application to the Galapagos Islands. (2021). Wang, Erda ; Loyola, Renato Perez ; Kang, Nannan. In: Tourism Economics. RePEc:sae:toueco:v:27:y:2021:i:1:p:86-104.

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2021Trend and relationship between environmental accounting disclosure and environmental performance for mining companies listed in China. (2021). Kongkuah, Maxwell ; Ayamba, Emmanuel Caesar ; Twum, Angelina Kissiwaa ; Yusheng, Kong ; Agyemang, Andrew Osei ; Musah, Mohammed. In: Environment, Development and Sustainability: A Multidisciplinary Approach to the Theory and Practice of Sustainable Development. RePEc:spr:endesu:v:23:y:2021:i:8:d:10.1007_s10668-020-01164-4.

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Works by Tore Söderqvist:

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