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Most cited documents in this series:

(1) RePEc:bla:econom:v:65:y:1998:i:257:p:1-15 Why Are the Unemployed So Unhappy? Evidence from Panel Data. (1998). Economica
Cited: 107 times.

(2) RePEc:bla:econom:v:50:y:1983:i:197:p:3-17 Ranking Income Distributions. (1983). Economica
Cited: 90 times.

(3) RePEc:bla:econom:v:53:y:1986:i:210(s):p:s121-69 Unemployment in Britain. (1986). Economica
Cited: 75 times.

(4) RePEc:bla:econom:v:38:y:1971:i:149:p:1-27 International Corporations: The Industrial Economics of Foreign Investment. (1971). Economica
Cited: 71 times.

(5) RePEc:bla:econom:v:63:y:1996:i:250:p:s29-62 Wage Structure and Gender Earnings Differentials: An International Comparison. (1996). Economica
Cited: 69 times.

(6) RePEc:bla:econom:v:47:y:1980:i:187:p:247-83 Does Unemployment Cause Future Unemployment? Definitions, Questions and Answers from a Continuous Time Model of Heterogeneity and State Dependence. (1980). Economica
Cited: 62 times.

(7) RePEc:bla:econom:v:42:y:1975:i:166:p:123-38 Inflation Expectations. (1975). Economica
Cited: 51 times.

(8) RePEc:bla:econom:v:68:y:2001:i:270:p:221-41 Scarring: The Psychological Impact of Past Unemployment. (2001). Economica
Cited: 49 times.

(9) RePEc:bla:econom:v:68:y:2001:i:270:p:137-56 Family Matters: Impacts of Family Background on Educational Attainments. (2001). Economica
Cited: 42 times.

(10) RePEc:bla:econom:v:68:y:2001:i:272:p:465-88 Schooling Quality in a Cross-Section of Countries. (2001). Economica
Cited: 40 times.

(11) RePEc:bla:econom:v:53:y:1986:i:210(s):p:s1-22 The Rise in Unemployment: A Multi-country Study. (1986). Economica
Cited: 40 times.

(12) RePEc:bla:econom:v:43:y:1976:i:171:p:267-74 Price-Cost Margins and Market Structure. (1976). Economica
Cited: 38 times.

(13) RePEc:bla:econom:v:47:y:1980:i:188:p:387-406 Econometrics-Alchemy or Science? (1980). Economica
Cited: 38 times.

(14) RePEc:bla:econom:v:41:y:1974:i:162:p:176-93 Multinational Firms, Competition, and Productivity in Host-Country Markets. (1974). Economica
Cited: 38 times.

(15) RePEc:bla:econom:v:59:y:1992:i:233:p:35-51 Welfare Effects of Global Patent Protection. (1992). Economica
Cited: 37 times.

(16) RePEc:bla:econom:v:68:y:2001:i:271:p:335-57 Identifying Welfare Effects from Subjective Questions. (2001). Economica
Cited: 37 times.

(17) RePEc:bla:econom:v:57:y:1990:i:226:p:143-70 Insider Power in Wage Determination. (1990). Economica
Cited: 36 times.

(18) RePEc:bla:econom:v:66:y:1999:i:261:p:23-42 Low Pay Dynamics and Transition Probabilities. (1999). Economica
Cited: 35 times.

(19) RePEc:bla:econom:v:55:y:1988:i:220:p:437-60 The Foreign Exchange Market: A Random Walk with a Dragging Anchor. (1988). Economica
Cited: 35 times.

(20) RePEc:bla:econom:v:66:y:1999:i:262:p:157-79 Volatility and Investment: Interpreting Evidence from Developing Countries. (1999). Economica
Cited: 33 times.

(21) RePEc:bla:econom:v:63:y:1996:i:252:p:589-97 Cross-Section Estimation of the Matching Function: Evidence from England and Wales. (1996). Economica
Cited: 31 times.

(22) RePEc:bla:econom:v:63:y:1996:i:251:p:495-512 The Intertemporal Elasticity of Substitution: An Exploration Using a US Panel of State Data. (1996). Economica
Cited: 31 times.

(23) RePEc:bla:econom:v:62:y:1995:i:245:p:89-107 Wages, Employment Structure and Employer Size-Wage Premia: Their Relationship to Advanced-Technology Usage at US Manufacturing Establishments. (1995). Economica
Cited: 31 times.

(24) RePEc:bla:econom:v:40:y:1973:i:157:p:12-43 Inflation, Rational Expectations and the Term Structure of Interest Rates. (1973). Economica
Cited: 29 times.

(25) RePEc:bla:econom:v:65:y:1998:i:257:p:17-38 Why Have Some Indian States Done Better Than Others at Reducing Rural Poverty? (1998). Economica
Cited: 28 times.

(26) RePEc:bla:econom:v:42:y:1975:i:165:p:59-78 Urban Unemployment, Intersectoral Capital Mobility and Development Policy. (1975). Economica
Cited: 28 times.

(27) RePEc:bla:econom:v:64:y:1997:i:256:p:587-604 Technical Change and Earnings in British Establishments. (1997). Economica
Cited: 27 times.

(28) RePEc:bla:econom:v:59:y:1992:i:235:p:295-310 Union Egalitarianism as Income Insurance. (1992). Economica
Cited: 27 times.

(29) RePEc:bla:econom:v:63:y:1996:i:250:p:171-89 Investment in Education and the Time Inconsistency of Redistributive Tax Policy. (1996). Economica
Cited: 25 times.

(30) RePEc:bla:econom:v:66:y:1999:i:262:p:181-207 Skill Mismatch and Unemployment in OECD Countries. (1999). Economica
Cited: 24 times.

(31) RePEc:bla:econom:v:63:y:1996:i:251:p:459-75 A Time Series Model of Self-Employment under Uncertainty. (1996). Economica
Cited: 23 times.

(32) RePEc:bla:econom:v:45:y:1978:i:180:p:329-45 Fixed Costs, Employment and Labour Demand over the Cycle. (1978). Economica
Cited: 21 times.

(33) RePEc:bla:econom:v:60:y:1993:i:238:p:161-81 Privatization, Liberalization, Wages and Employment: Theory and Evidence for the UK. (1993). Economica
Cited: 20 times.

(34) RePEc:bla:econom:v:61:y:1994:i:244:p:457-73 Wages and Product Market Power. (1994). Economica
Cited: 20 times.

(35) RePEc:bla:econom:v:44:y:1977:i:174:p:163-78 External and Internal Adjustment Costs and the Theory of Aggregate and Firm Investment. (1977). Economica
Cited: 20 times.

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Cited: 20 times.

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Cited: 19 times.

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Cited: 19 times.

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Cited: 18 times.

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(44) RePEc:bla:econom:v:66:y:1999:i:261:p:63-77 Staying on in Full-Time Education: Reasons for Higher Participation Rates among Ethnic Minority Males and Females. (1999). Economica
Cited: 18 times.

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Cited: 18 times.

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Cited: 17 times.

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Cited: 17 times.

(50) RePEc:bla:econom:v:62:y:1995:i:246:p:247-67 On the Price of Land and the Value of Amenities. (1995). Economica
Cited: 17 times.

Latest citations received in: | 2003 | 2002 | 2001 | 2000

Latest citations received in: 2003

(1) RePEc:esx:essedp:555 Ex Ante Price Commitment with Renegotiation in a Dynamic Market (2003). University of Essex, Department of Economics / Economics Discussion Papers

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(4) RePEc:ias:fpaper:03-wp340 Spatial Production Concentration, Demand Uncertainty, and Multiple Markets (2003). Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute (FAPRI) at Iowa State University / Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute (FAPRI) Publication

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(7) RePEc:ssb:dispap:364 Technology, Trade and Inequality (2003). Research Department of Statistics Norway / Discussion Papers

Latest citations received in: 2002

(1) RePEc:bro:econwp:2002-15 Annexation or Conquest? The Economics of Empire Building (2002). Brown University, Department of Economics / Working Papers

(2) RePEc:cpr:ceprdp:3424 Can Productivity Growth Explain NAIRU? Long-run Evidence from Britain, 1871-1999 (2002). C.E.P.R. Discussion Papers / CEPR Discussion Papers

(3) RePEc:cpr:ceprdp:3580 International Interdependencies in Fiscal Stabilization Policies (2002). C.E.P.R. Discussion Papers / CEPR Discussion Papers

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(6) RePEc:wpa:wuwple:0201001 Intellectual Property: When Is It the Best Incentive System? (2002). EconWPA / Law and Economics

Latest citations received in: 2001

(1) RePEc:cpr:ceprdp:2785 Import Diversion under European Antidumping Policy (2001). C.E.P.R. Discussion Papers / CEPR Discussion Papers

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Latest citations received in: 2000

(1) RePEc:fip:fedawp:2000-27 Asymmetric shocks among U.S. states (2000). Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta / Working Paper

(2) RePEc:fip:fedfap:2000-17 Inflation taxes, financial intermediation, and home production (2000). Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco / Working Papers in Applied Economic Theory

(3) RePEc:kie:kieliw:1009 Globalization, Integration and Regional Specialization (2000). Kiel Institute for World Economics / Working Papers

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