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Central Bank of Brazil, Research Department / Working Papers Series

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Most cited documents in this series:

(1) RePEc:bcb:wpaper:5 The Pass-through from Depreciation to Inflation: A Panel Study (2000).
Cited: 52 times.

(2) RePEc:bcb:wpaper:20 Credit Channel without the LM Curve (2001).
Cited: 30 times.

(3) RePEc:bcb:wpaper:76 Inflation Targeting in Emerging Market Economies (2003).
Cited: 30 times.

(4) RePEc:bcb:wpaper:1 Implementing Inflation Targeting in Brazil (2000).
Cited: 15 times.

(5) RePEc:bcb:wpaper:117 An Analysis of Off-Site Supervision of Banks Profitability, Risk and Capital Adequacy: a portfolio simulation approach applied to brazilian banks (2006).
Cited: 15 times.

(6) RePEc:bcb:wpaper:120 Forecasting Interest Rates: an application for Brazil (2006).
Cited: 14 times.

(7) RePEc:bcb:wpaper:77 Inflation Targeting in Brazil: Constructing Credibility under Exchange Rate Volatility (2003).
Cited: 12 times.

(8) RePEc:bcb:wpaper:53 Inflation Targeting in Brazil: Lessons and Challenges (2002).
Cited: 10 times.

(9) RePEc:bcb:wpaper:36 Can Emerging Markets Float? Should They Inflation Target? (2002).
Cited: 8 times.

(10) RePEc:bcb:wpaper:18 A Simple Model for Inflation Targeting in Brazil (2001).
Cited: 7 times.

(11) RePEc:bcb:wpaper:42 Modelo Estrutural com Setor Externo: Endogenização do Prêmio de Risco e do Câmbio (2002).
Cited: 4 times.

(12) RePEc:bcb:wpaper:11 A Note on the Efficient Estimation of Inflation in Brazil (2001).
Cited: 3 times.

(13) RePEc:bcb:wpaper:24 Inflation Targeting in Brazil: Shocks, Backward-Looking Prices, and IMF Conditionality (2001).
Cited: 3 times.

(14) RePEc:bcb:wpaper:55 Componentes de Curto e Longo Prazo das Taxas de Juros no Brasil (2002).
Cited: 3 times.

(15) RePEc:bcb:wpaper:101 Comparing equilibrium real interest rates: different approaches to measure Brazilian rates (2006).
Cited: 3 times.

(16) RePEc:bcb:wpaper:64 Medium-Size Macroeconomic Model for the Brazilian Economy (2003).
Cited: 3 times.

(17) RePEc:bcb:wpaper:46 The Determinants of Bank Interest Spread in Brazil (2002).
Cited: 3 times.

(18) RePEc:bcb:wpaper:100 Targets and Inflation Dynamics (2005).
Cited: 3 times.

(19) RePEc:bcb:wpaper:16 Evaluation of the Central Bank of Brazil Structural Models Inflation Forecasts in an Inflation Targeting Framework (2001).
Cited: 2 times.

(20) RePEc:bcb:wpaper:52 Generalized Hyperbolic Distributions and Brazilian Data (2002).
Cited: 2 times.

(21) RePEc:bcb:wpaper:59 Os Preços Administrados e a Inflação no Brasil (2002).
Cited: 2 times.

(22) RePEc:bcb:wpaper:9 Estimating Exchange Market Pressure and Intervention Activity (2000).
Cited: 2 times.

(23) RePEc:bcb:wpaper:107 Demand for Bank Services and Market Power in Brazilian Banking (2006).
Cited: 2 times.

(24) RePEc:bcb:wpaper:56 Causality and Cointegration in Stock Markets: The Case of Latin America (2002).
Cited: 2 times.

(25) RePEc:bcb:wpaper:17 Estimating Brazilian Potential Output: A Production Function Approach (2002).
Cited: 2 times.

(26) RePEc:bcb:wpaper:12 A Test of Competition in Brazilian Banking (2001).
Cited: 2 times.

(27) RePEc:bcb:wpaper:63 Optimal Monetary Rules: The Case of Brazil (2003).
Cited: 1 times.

(28) RePEc:bcb:wpaper:14 Evaluating Core Inflation Measures for Brazil (2001).
Cited: 1 times.

(29) RePEc:bcb:wpaper:48 Should Government Smooth Exchange Rate Risk? (2002).
Cited: 1 times.

(30) RePEc:bcb:wpaper:91 Credit Risk Measurement and the Regulation of Bank Capital and Provision Requirements in Brazil - A Corporate Analysis (2004).
Cited: 1 times.

(31) RePEc:bcb:wpaper:108 O Efeito da Consignação em Folha nas Taxas de Juros dos Empréstimos Pessoais (2006).
Cited: 1 times.

(32) RePEc:bcb:wpaper:57 As Leis de Falência: uma Abordagem Econômica (2002).
Cited: 1 times.

(33) RePEc:bcb:wpaper:128 Term Structure Movements Implicit in Option Prices (2006).
Cited: 1 times.

(34) RePEc:bcb:wpaper:105 Representing Roomates Preferences with Symmetric Utilities (2006).
Cited: 1 times.

(35) RePEc:bcb:wpaper:70 Monetary Policy Surprises and the Brazilian Term Structure of Interest Rates (2003).
Cited: 1 times.

(36) RePEc:bcb:wpaper:26 Inflation Targeting in an Open Financially Integrated Emerging Economy: the case of Brazil (2001).
Cited: 1 times.

(37) RePEc:bcb:wpaper:10 Análise do Financiamento Externo a Uma Pequena Economia (2001).
Cited: 1 times.

(38) RePEc:bcb:wpaper:143 Price Rigidity in Brazil: Evidence from CPI Micro Data (2007).
Cited: 1 times.

(39) RePEc:bcb:wpaper:49 Desenvolvimento do Sistema Financeiro e Crescimento Econômico no Brasil: Evidências de Causalidade (2002).
Cited: 1 times.

(40) RePEc:bcb:wpaper:92 Steady State Analysis of an Open Economy General Equilibrium Model for Brazil (2005).
Cited: 1 times.

(41) RePEc:bcb:wpaper:109 The Recent Brazilian Disinflation Process and Costs (2006).
Cited: 1 times.

(42) RePEc:bcb:wpaper:21 Os Impactos Econômicos da CPMF: Teoria e Evidência (2001).
Cited: 1 times.

(43) RePEc:bcb:wpaper:129 Brazil: taming inflation expectations (2007).
Cited: 1 times.

(44) RePEc:bcb:wpaper:19 Uncovered Interest Parity with Fundamentals: A Brazilian Exchange Rate Forecast Model (2001).
Cited: 1 times.

(45) RePEc:bcb:wpaper:122 Nonlinear Mechanisms of the Exchange Rate Pass-Through: a Phillips curve model with threshold for Brazil (2006).
Cited: 1 times.

(46) RePEc:bcb:wpaper:37 Monetary Policy in Brazil: Remarks on the Inflation Targeting Regime, Public Debt Management and Open Market Operations (2002).
Cited: 1 times.

(47) RePEc:bcb:wpaper:102 Judicial Risk and Credit Market Performance: Micro Evidence from Brazil Payroll Loans (2006).
Cited: 1 times.

(48) RePEc:bcb:wpaper:30 Testing the Expectations Hypothesis in the Brazilian Term Structure of Interest Rates (2001).
Cited: 1 times.

(49) RePEc:bcb:wpaper:68 Real Balances in the Utility Function: Evidence for Brazil (2003).
Cited: 1 times.

(50) RePEc:bcb:wpaper:15 Is it Worth Tracking Dollar/Real Implied Volatility? (2001).
Cited: 1 times.

Latest citations received in: | 2004 | 2003 | 2002 | 2001

Latest citations received in: 2004

(1) RePEc:wbk:wbrwps:3443 Improving Credit Information, Bank Regulation, and Supervision: On the Role and Design of Public Credit Registries (2004). The World Bank / Policy Research Working Paper Series

Latest citations received in: 2003

Latest citations received in: 2002

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(4) RePEc:tcb:wpaper:0209 Open Market Operations In Turkey (2002). Research and Monetary Policy Department, Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey / Working Papers

Latest citations received in: 2001

(1) RePEc:anp:en2001:051 The Determinants of Bank Interest Spread in Brazil (2001). ANPEC - Associação Nacional do Centros de Pos-graduação em Economia [Brazilian Association of Graduate Programs in Economics] / Anais do XXIX Encontro

(2) RePEc:bcb:wpaper:33 Monetary Policy and Inflation in Brazil (1975-2000): a VAR Estimation (2001). Central Bank of Brazil, Research Department / Working Papers Series

(3) RePEc:chb:bcchwp:110 Inflation Targeting in Brazil: Shocks, Backward-looking prices, and IMF conditionality (2001). Central Bank of Chile / Working Papers Central Bank of Chile

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