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Most cited documents in this series:

(1) RePEc:cla:levarc:1276 Debt Constrained Asset Markets (1993).
Cited: 122 times.

(2) RePEc:cla:levarc:394 The Folk Theorem with Imperfect Public Information (1994).
Cited: 112 times.

(3) RePEc:cla:levarc:2058 The Folk Theorem with Imperfect Public Information (1994).
Cited: 102 times.

(4) RePEc:cla:levarc:122247000000001080 Global Games: Theory and Applications (2001).
Cited: 63 times.

(5) RePEc:cla:levarc:508 Reputation and Equilibrium Selection in Games with a Patient Player (1989).
Cited: 53 times.

(6) RePEc:cla:levarc:1889 A Theory of Equity, Reciprocity, and Competition (1997).
Cited: 51 times.

(7) RePEc:cla:levarc:563824000000000143 Reciprocity as a Contract Enforcement Device (2001).
Cited: 51 times.

(8) RePEc:cla:levarc:1098 Infinite-Horizon Models of Bargaining with One-Sided Incomplete Information (1985).
Cited: 37 times.

(9) RePEc:cla:levarc:43 Asset Trading Mechanisms and Expansionary Policy (1991).
Cited: 35 times.

(10) RePEc:cla:levarc:219 Subgame-Perfect Equilibria of Finite- and Infinite-Horizon Games (1983).
Cited: 31 times.

(11) RePEc:cla:levarc:618897000000000813 Sequential Equilibrium (2003).
Cited: 30 times.

(12) RePEc:cla:levarc:618897000000000003 The Case Against Intellectual Property (2002).
Cited: 28 times.

(13) RePEc:cla:levarc:78 Does Market Incompleteness Matter (2001).
Cited: 25 times.

(14) RePEc:cla:levarc:227 On the Robustness of Equilibrium Refinements (1988).
Cited: 25 times.

(15) RePEc:cla:levarc:238 Reputation and Imperfect Information (1999).
Cited: 25 times.

(16) RePEc:cla:levarc:122247000000000442 International Protection of Intellectual Property (2004).
Cited: 23 times.

(17) RePEc:cla:levarc:625018000000000192 Perfectly Competitive Innovation (2002).
Cited: 22 times.

(18) RePEc:cla:levarc:2147 Self-Confirming Equilibrium (1993).
Cited: 20 times.

(19) RePEc:cla:levarc:1873 Comparative Statics and Perfect Foresight in Infinite Horizon Economies (1985).
Cited: 19 times.

(20) RePEc:cla:levarc:1954 Debt Constraints and Equilibrium in Infinite Horizon Economies with Incomplete Markets (1996).
Cited: 19 times.

(21) RePEc:cla:levarc:373 Steady State Learning and Nash Equilibrium (1993).
Cited: 18 times.

(22) RePEc:cla:levarc:2060 Strategy and Equity: An ERC Analysis of the Guth-van Damme Game (1998).
Cited: 17 times.

(23) RePEc:cla:levarc:228400000000000002 Market Size in Innovation: Theory and Evidence from the Pharmaceutical Industry (2004).
Cited: 17 times.

(24) RePEc:cla:levarc:470 Consistency and Cautious Fictitious Play (1996).
Cited: 17 times.

(25) RePEc:cla:levarc:220 Limit Games and Limit Equilibria (1986).
Cited: 16 times.

(26) RePEc:cla:levarc:618897000000000876 A Dual Self Model of Impulse Control (2005).
Cited: 15 times.

(27) RePEc:cla:levarc:2047 Modeling Altruism and Spitefulness in Experiments (1997).
Cited: 12 times.

(28) RePEc:cla:levarc:471 Conditional Universal Consistency (1997).
Cited: 12 times.

(29) RePEc:cla:levarc:596 Robust Permanent Income and Pricing (1997).
Cited: 12 times.

(30) RePEc:cla:levarc:592 Does Observation of Others Affect Learning in Strategic Environments? An Experimental Study (1997).
Cited: 12 times.

(31) RePEc:cla:levarc:172 Payoff Information and Self-Confirming Equilibrium (1999).
Cited: 11 times.

(32) RePEc:cla:levarc:2092 Financial Contagion (1999).
Cited: 11 times.

(33) RePEc:cla:levarc:627 Efficiency and Observability with Long-Run and Short-Run Players (1994).
Cited: 11 times.

(34) RePEc:cla:levarc:618897000000000748 Bertrand and Walras Equilibria Under Moral Hazard (2003).
Cited: 10 times.

(35) RePEc:cla:levarc:96 When Are Agents Negligible? (1995).
Cited: 10 times.

(36) RePEc:cla:levarc:122247000000001334 Who is “Behavioral”? Cognitive Ability and Anomalous Preferences (2006).
Cited: 9 times.

(37) RePEc:cla:levarc:2122 Evolution Through Imitation in a Single Population (2000).
Cited: 9 times.

(38) RePEc:cla:levarc:506439000000000157 Principles of Policymaking in the European Union: an Economic Perspective (2003).
Cited: 9 times.

(39) RePEc:cla:levarc:666156000000000319 Experiments with Network Formation (2003).
Cited: 9 times.

(40) RePEc:cla:levarc:2028 Growth Cycles and Market Crashes (1999).
Cited: 9 times.

(41) RePEc:cla:levarc:563824000000000090 A Theory of Sequential Reciprocity (2001).
Cited: 9 times.

(42) RePEc:cla:levarc:122247000000000167 An Empirical Look at Software Patents (2004).
Cited: 9 times.

(43) RePEc:cla:levarc:784828000000000581 The Case for Mindless Economics (2005).
Cited: 8 times.

(44) RePEc:cla:levarc:122247000000001419 How Important is Money in the Conduct of Monetary Policy? (2007).
Cited: 8 times.

(45) RePEc:cla:levarc:618897000000000784 Anomalies: Intertemporal Choice (2003).
Cited: 8 times.

(46) RePEc:cla:levarc:607 An Approximate Folk Theorem with Imperfect Private Information (1991).
Cited: 7 times.

(47) RePEc:cla:levarc:81 Efficiency and Observability with Long-Run and Short-Run Players (1999).
Cited: 7 times.

(48) RePEc:cla:levarc:624 The Theory of Learning in Games (1996).
Cited: 7 times.

(49) RePEc:cla:levarc:14 Liquidity Constrained vs. Debt Constrained Markets (2000).
Cited: 6 times.

(50) RePEc:cla:levarc:625018000000000151 Learning to Play Bayesian Games (2002).
Cited: 6 times.

Latest citations received in: | 2004 | 2003 | 2002 | 2001

Latest citations received in: 2004

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Latest citations received in: 2003

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Latest citations received in: 2001

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