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Economics of Education Review

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Most cited documents in this series:

(1) RePEc:eee:ecoedu:v:19:y:2000:i:2:p:179-198 The incidence and effects of overeducation in the U.K. graduate labour market (2000).
Cited: 37 times.

(2) RePEc:eee:ecoedu:v:14:y:1995:i:3:p:229-241 Does class size matter? (1995).
Cited: 31 times.

(3) RePEc:eee:ecoedu:v:18:y:1999:i:2:p:169-182 Double trouble: on the value of twins-based estimation of the return to schooling (1999).
Cited: 28 times.

(4) RePEc:eee:ecoedu:v:1:y:1981:i:1:p:75-86 The incidence and wage effects of overeducation (1981).
Cited: 25 times.

(5) RePEc:eee:ecoedu:v:18:y:1999:i:2:p:223-239 What education production functions really show: a positive theory of education expenditures (1999).
Cited: 24 times.

(6) RePEc:eee:ecoedu:v:19:y:2000:i:2:p:149-158 Overeducation in the labor market: a meta-analysis (2000).
Cited: 24 times.

(7) RePEc:eee:ecoedu:v:19:y:2000:i:2:p:131-147 Over-education and earnings: where are we, where should we go? (2000).
Cited: 20 times.

(8) RePEc:eee:ecoedu:v:13:y:1994:i:1:p:1-17 Do school and teacher characteristics matter? Evidence from High School and Beyond (1994).
Cited: 19 times.

(9) RePEc:eee:ecoedu:v:18:y:1999:i:1:p:1-16 The Dallas school accountability and incentive program: an evaluation of its impacts on student outcomes (1999).
Cited: 19 times.

(10) RePEc:eee:ecoedu:v:18:y:1999:i:2:p:241-252 Functional form and the estimated effects of school resources (1999).
Cited: 19 times.

(11) RePEc:eee:ecoedu:v:22:y:2003:i:5:p:481-502 Efficiency and equity in schools around the world (2003).
Cited: 18 times.

(12) RePEc:eee:ecoedu:v:18:y:1999:i:2:p:143-148 Biases in twin estimates of the return to schooling (1999).
Cited: 17 times.

(13) RePEc:eee:ecoedu:v:11:y:1992:i:4:p:351-369 Educational choice (vouchers) and social mobility (1992).
Cited: 16 times.

(14) RePEc:eee:ecoedu:v:6:y:1987:i:3:p:263-273 The Scholastic Aptitude Test: Participation and performance (1987).
Cited: 16 times.

(15) RePEc:eee:ecoedu:v:11:y:1992:i:1:p:31-39 Student academic achievement and the degree of market concentration in education (1992).
Cited: 15 times.

(16) RePEc:eee:ecoedu:v:18:y:1999:i:2:p:159-167 Ability biases in schooling returns and twins: a test and new estimates (1999).
Cited: 15 times.

(17) RePEc:eee:ecoedu:v:19:y:2000:i:2:p:169-178 Premiums and penalties for surplus and deficit education: Evidence from the United States and Germany (2000).
Cited: 14 times.

(18) RePEc:eee:ecoedu:v:7:y:1988:i:2:p:185-194 Education, allocation and earnings in the Netherlands: 0verschooling? (1988).
Cited: 14 times.

(19) RePEc:eee:ecoedu:v:1:y:1981:i:2:p:169-191 Labor force earnings and college choice of young women: An examination of selectivity bias and comparative advantage (1981).
Cited: 14 times.

(20) RePEc:eee:ecoedu:v:13:y:1994:i:3:p:227-234 How widespread are sheepskin returns to education in the U.S.? (1994).
Cited: 14 times.

(21) RePEc:eee:ecoedu:v:14:y:1995:i:2:p:101-117 Who chooses to teach (and why)? (1995).
Cited: 13 times.

(22) RePEc:eee:ecoedu:v:15:y:1996:i:4:p:339-344 Economics of education: A research agenda (1996).
Cited: 13 times.

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Cited: 13 times.

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Cited: 13 times.

(25) RePEc:eee:ecoedu:v:17:y:1998:i:2:p:127-136 An Empirical Investigation of Teacher Attrition (1998).
Cited: 13 times.

(26) RePEc:eee:ecoedu:v:17:y:1998:i:4:p:419-427 Competition and the quality of public schools (1998).
Cited: 13 times.

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Cited: 12 times.

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Cited: 12 times.

(29) RePEc:eee:ecoedu:v:22:y:2003:i:3:p:317-328 Economic transition and returns to education in China (2003).
Cited: 12 times.

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Cited: 12 times.

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Cited: 11 times.

(32) RePEc:eee:ecoedu:v:22:y:2003:i:2:p:131-141 Peer effects on student achievement: evidence from Chile (2003).
Cited: 11 times.

(33) RePEc:eee:ecoedu:v:20:y:2001:i:4:p:343-357 Intergenerational conflict reconsidered: county demographic structure and the demand for public education (2001).
Cited: 11 times.

(34) RePEc:eee:ecoedu:v:15:y:1996:i:2:p:93-109 Public and private high schools: Is school choice an answer to the productivity problem? (1996).
Cited: 11 times.

(35) RePEc:eee:ecoedu:v:14:y:1995:i:2:p:155-166 The returns to education in Spain (1995).
Cited: 11 times.

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Cited: 10 times.

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Cited: 8 times.

(50) RePEc:eee:ecoedu:v:22:y:2003:i:5:p:503-510 Education and earnings in a transition economy: the case of Vietnam (2003).
Cited: 8 times.

Latest citations received in: | 2004 | 2003 | 2002 | 2001

Latest citations received in: 2004

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Latest citations received in: 2003

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Latest citations received in: 2002

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Latest citations received in: 2001

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