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C2Y: Cites in y to articles published in y-1 plus y-2
SC(%): Percentage of selft citations in y to articles published in y-1 plus y-2
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Most cited documents in this series:

(1) RePEc:lan:wpaper:000002 The effect of school size on exam performance in secondary schools. (1998).
Cited: 17 times.

(2) RePEc:lan:wpaper:000056 Foreign direct investment in Ireland (2003).
Cited: 8 times.

(3) RePEc:lan:wpaper:000021 School choice, competition and the efficiency of secondary schools in England (1999).
Cited: 6 times.

(4) RePEc:lan:wpaper:000011 Trade and growth in small states: the impact of global trade liberalisation (1998).
Cited: 5 times.

(5) RePEc:lan:wpaper:000031 The effect of the quasi-market on the efficiency-equity trade-off in the secondary school sector (2000).
Cited: 5 times.

(6) RePEc:lan:wpaper:000030 Ethnicity, educational attainment and the transition from school (2000).
Cited: 2 times.

(7) RePEc:lan:wpaper:000027 Liberalisation and savings in developing countries: the case of India (2000).
Cited: 2 times.

(8) RePEc:lan:wpaper:002457 Smooth transition models and arbitrage consistency (2005).
Cited: 2 times.

(9) RePEc:lan:wpaper:000276 The impacts of human resource management practices and pay inequality on workers job satisfaction (2004).
Cited: 2 times.

(10) RePEc:lan:wpaper:000192 Job autonomy and job satisfaction: new evidence (2003).
Cited: 2 times.

(11) RePEc:lan:wpaper:003052 Higher education institutions costs and efficiency: taking the decomposition a further step (2005).
Cited: 2 times.

(12) RePEc:lan:wpaper:000003 Cost functions in secondary schools. (1998).
Cited: 2 times.

(13) RePEc:lan:wpaper:000298 Outcome uncertainty and the couch potato audience (2004).
Cited: 2 times.

(14) RePEc:lan:wpaper:000040 Threat-based regulation and endogenously determined punishments (2001).
Cited: 2 times.

(15) RePEc:lan:wpaper:000020 The state of macroeconomic forecasting (1999).
Cited: 2 times.

(16) RePEc:lan:wpaper:000034 The school-to-work transition, skill preferences and matching (2001).
Cited: 2 times.

(17) RePEc:lan:wpaper:000005 The effect of spatial competition on secondary school exam performance (1998).
Cited: 2 times.

(18) RePEc:lan:wpaper:002495 Freedom of entry, market size and competitive outcome: evidence from English soccer (2005).
Cited: 1 times.

(19) RePEc:lan:wpaper:000054 Foreign direct investment in Mexico (2003).
Cited: 1 times.

(20) RePEc:lan:wpaper:000052 Foreign direct investment in India (2003).
Cited: 1 times.

(21) RePEc:lan:wpaper:000037 High school dropouts: a longitudinal analysis (2001).
Cited: 1 times.

(22) RePEc:lan:wpaper:004215 On the relationship between Nominal Exchange Rates and domestic and foreign prices (2006).
Cited: 1 times.

(23) RePEc:lan:wpaper:000029 Corruption in Nigeria (2000).
Cited: 1 times.

(24) RePEc:lan:wpaper:002466 The impact of managerial quality on organizational performance: evidence from German soccer (2005).
Cited: 1 times.

(25) RePEc:lan:wpaper:000053 Foreign direct investment in China (2003).
Cited: 1 times.

(26) RePEc:lan:wpaper:000025 The impact of foreign direct investment on labour productivity in the Chinese electronics industry (2000).
Cited: 1 times.

(27) RePEc:lan:wpaper:000271 Worker absence and shirking: evidence from matched teacher-school data (2004).
Cited: 1 times.

(28) RePEc:lan:wpaper:003092 Market size and attendance in English Premier League football (2006).
Cited: 1 times.

(29) RePEc:lan:wpaper:000150 A longitudinal analysis of the decision to drop out of post-compulsory education (2003).
Cited: 1 times.

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Latest citations received in: 2004

(1) RePEc:del:abcdef:2004-31 Your money or your life: Changing job quality in OECD countries. (2004). DELTA (Ecole normale supérieure) / DELTA Working Papers

Latest citations received in: 2003

(1) RePEc:lan:wpaper:000059 Productivity spillovers among OECD, diaspora and indigenous firms in Chinese manufacturing (2003). Lancaster University Management School, Economics Department / Working Papers

Latest citations received in: 2002

Latest citations received in: 2001

(1) RePEc:lan:wpaper:000037 High school dropouts: a longitudinal analysis (2001). Lancaster University Management School, Economics Department / Working Papers

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