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National Bank of Belgium / Research series

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Most cited documents in this series:

(1) RePEc:nbb:reswpp:200509-2 Price setting in the euro area: Some stylized facts from Individual Consumer Price Data (2005).
Cited: 57 times.

(2) RePEc:nbb:reswpp:200203 Openness, imperfect exchange rate pass-through and monetary policy (2002).
Cited: 43 times.

(3) RePEc:nbb:reswpp:200511-1 The pricing behaviour of firms in the euro area : new survey evidence (2005).
Cited: 41 times.

(4) RePEc:nbb:reswpp:200210 An estimated dynamic stochastic general equilibrium model of the euro area (2002).
Cited: 40 times.

(5) RePEc:nbb:reswpp:200003-3 A model with explicit expectations for Belgium (2000).
Cited: 33 times.

(6) RePEc:nbb:reswpp:200610-4 A new Keynesian model with unemployment (2006).
Cited: 31 times.

(7) RePEc:nbb:reswpp:200205-1 Inflation, relative prices and nominal rigidities (2002).
Cited: 30 times.

(8) RePEc:nbb:reswpp:200205-13 Financing constraints, fixed capital and R&D investment decisions of belgian firms (2002).
Cited: 29 times.

(9) RePEc:nbb:reswpp:2001-06 A guided tour of the world of rational expectations models and optimal policies (2001).
Cited: 25 times.

(10) RePEc:nbb:reswpp:200205-4 Investment, uncertainty and irreversibility: evidence from belgian accounting data (2002).
Cited: 24 times.

(11) RePEc:nbb:reswpp:200005-4 Economic growth and the labor markets: Europes challenge (2000).
Cited: 24 times.

(12) RePEc:nbb:reswpp:200404-1 How frequently do prices change? Evidence based on the micro data underlying the Belgian CPI. (2004).
Cited: 24 times.

(13) RePEc:nbb:reswpp:200205-5 The impact of uncertainty on investment plans (2002).
Cited: 24 times.

(14) RePEc:nbb:reswpp:200005-3 Fiscal policy and growth in the context of European integration (2000).
Cited: 24 times.

(15) RePEc:nbb:reswpp:200005-1 Growth in an open economy: some recent developments (2000).
Cited: 24 times.

(16) RePEc:nbb:reswpp:200005-5 The role of the exchange rate in economic growth: a euro-zone perspective (2000).
Cited: 22 times.

(17) RePEc:nbb:reswpp:200702-05 Shocks and Frictions in US Business Cycles : a Bayesian DSGE Approach (2007).
Cited: 21 times.

(18) RePEc:nbb:reswpp:200703-30 Price setting in the euro area : some stylised facts from individual producer price data (2007).
Cited: 17 times.

(19) RePEc:nbb:reswpp:200503-1 Price-setting behaviour in Belgium: what can be learned from an ad hoc survey ? (2005).
Cited: 14 times.

(20) RePEc:nbb:reswpp:200410-1 Comparing shocks and frictions in US and euro area business cycles: a Bayesian DSGE approach (2004).
Cited: 12 times.

(21) RePEc:nbb:reswpp:200005-2 Knowledge technology and economic growth: recent evidence from OECD countries (2000).
Cited: 12 times.

(22) RePEc:nbb:reswpp:200409-2 Forecasting with a Bayesian DSGE Model: an application to the euro area (2004).
Cited: 12 times.

(23) RePEc:nbb:reswpp:200405-9 Does Financial Liberalization Spur Growth? (2004).
Cited: 11 times.

(24) RePEc:nbb:reswpp:200504-1 Time-dependent versus State-dependent Pricing: A Panel Data Approach to the Determinants of Belgian Consumer Price Changes (2005).
Cited: 10 times.

(25) RePEc:nbb:reswpp:200605-1 The patterns and determinants of price setting in the Belgian industry (2006).
Cited: 10 times.

(26) RePEc:nbb:reswpp:200404-2 Firms investment decisions in response to demand and price uncertainty (2004).
Cited: 10 times.

(27) RePEc:nbb:reswpp:200610-3 The dynamics of trade and competition (2006).
Cited: 8 times.

(28) RePEc:nbb:reswpp:200511-2 Income uncertainty and aggregate consumption (2005).
Cited: 8 times.

(29) RePEc:nbb:reswpp:2001-12 The interest rate and credit channels in Belgium: an investigation with micro-level firm data (2001).
Cited: 7 times.

(30) RePEc:nbb:reswpp:200610-13 Macroeconomic fluctuations and firm entry : theory and evidence (2006).
Cited: 7 times.

(31) RePEc:nbb:reswpp:200403 Interbank exposures: an empirical examination of systemic risk in the Belgian banking system (2004).
Cited: 7 times.

(32) RePEc:nbb:reswpp:200610-8 How wages change : micro evidence from the International Wage Flexibility Project (2006).
Cited: 7 times.

(33) RePEc:nbb:reswpp:200003-2 The use of robust estimators as measures of core inflation (2000).
Cited: 6 times.

(34) RePEc:nbb:reswpp:200610-12 Lumpy price adjustments : a microeconometric analysis (2006).
Cited: 6 times.

(35) RePEc:nbb:reswpp:200701-01 Investment-Specific Technology Shocks and Labor Market Frictions (2007).
Cited: 5 times.

(36) RePEc:nbb:reswpp:200610-11 The kinked demand curve and price rigidity : evidence from scanner data (2006).
Cited: 5 times.

(37) RePEc:nbb:reswpp:200705-03 Imports and Exports at the Level of the Firm : Evidence from Belgium (2007).
Cited: 4 times.

(38) RePEc:nbb:reswpp:200610-6 Simulation, estimation and welfare implications of monetary policies in a 3-country NOEM model (2006).
Cited: 4 times.

(39) RePEc:nbb:reswpp:200405-1 SMEs and Bank Lending Relationships: the Impact of Mergers (2004).
Cited: 3 times.

(40) RePEc:nbb:reswpp:200610-10 Dynamics and monetary policy in a fair wage model of the business cycle (2006).
Cited: 3 times.

(41) RePEc:nbb:reswpp:200506-1 Measuring inflation persistence: a structural time series approach (2005).
Cited: 3 times.

(42) RePEc:nbb:reswpp:200706-02 Temporal Distribution of Price Changes : Staggering in the Large and Synchronization in the Small (2007).
Cited: 3 times.

(43) RePEc:nbb:reswpp:200205-12 Governance as a source of managerial discipline (2002).
Cited: 3 times.

(44) RePEc:nbb:reswpp:200405-2 The Determinants of Pass-Through of Market Conditions to Bank Retail Interest Rates in Belgium (2004).
Cited: 2 times.

(45) RePEc:nbb:reswpp:200711-27 The determinants of stock and bond return comovements (2007).
Cited: 2 times.

(46) RePEc:nbb:reswpp:200405-5 How does liquidity react to stress periods in a limit order market? (2004).
Cited: 2 times.

(47) RePEc:nbb:reswpp:200405-10 Regulating Financial Conglomerates (2004).
Cited: 2 times.

(48) RePEc:nbb:reswpp:200507-2 Liquidity risk in securities settlement (2005).
Cited: 2 times.

(49) RePEc:nbb:reswpp:200607-2 The term structure of interest rates in a DSGE model (2006).
Cited: 1 times.

(50) RePEc:nbb:reswpp:200205-6 Investment, protection, ownership, and the cost of capital (2002).
Cited: 1 times.

Latest citations received in: | 2004 | 2003 | 2002 | 2001

Latest citations received in: 2004

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Latest citations received in: 2003

Latest citations received in: 2002

(1) RePEc:mpc:wpaper:11 The Exchange Rate and Inflation in the UK (2002). Monetary Policy Committee Unit, Bank of England / Discussion Papers

(2) RePEc:nbb:reswpp:200205-11 Development path and capital structure of belgian biotechnology firms (2002). National Bank of Belgium / Research series

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(4) RePEc:nbb:reswpp:200205-8 Capital structure, firm liquidity and growth (2002). National Bank of Belgium / Research series

(5) RePEc:nbb:reswpp:200210 An estimated dynamic stochastic general equilibrium model of the euro area (2002). National Bank of Belgium / Research series

Latest citations received in: 2001

(1) RePEc:bdi:wptemi:td_431_01 Firm investment and monetary transmission in the euro area (2001). Bank of Italy, Economic Research Department / Temi di discussione (Economic working papers)

(2) RePEc:nbb:docwpp:200111 Attractive prices and euro-rounding effects on inflation (2001). National Bank of Belgium / Documents series

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