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Most cited documents in this series:

(1) RePEc:nbr:nberre:1176 On the Mechanics of Economic Development (1989).
Cited: 831 times.

(2) RePEc:nbr:nberre:0126 Aggregate Dynamics and Staggered Contracts (1980).
Cited: 467 times.

(3) RePEc:nbr:nberre:0121 On the Impossibility of Informationally Efficient Markets (1980).
Cited: 273 times.

(4) RePEc:nbr:nberre:1405 The Beveridge Curve (1990).
Cited: 175 times.

(5) RePEc:nbr:nberre:1999 The Growth of Nations (1995).
Cited: 111 times.

(6) RePEc:nbr:nberre:1582 The Cyclical Behavior of the Gross Flows of U.S. Workers (1991).
Cited: 77 times.

(7) RePEc:nbr:nberre:1111 The New Keynesian Economics and the Output-Inflation Trade-off (1989).
Cited: 71 times.

(8) RePEc:nbr:nberre:1946 A Reconsideration of Investment Behavior Using Tax Reforms as Natural Experiments (1995).
Cited: 67 times.

(9) RePEc:nbr:nberre:0103 Equalizing Differences in the Labor Market (1980).
Cited: 65 times.

(10) RePEc:nbr:nberre:0019 Labor Market Dynamics and Unemployment: A Reconsideration (1979).
Cited: 61 times.

(11) RePEc:nbr:nberre:2240 Foundations of the Goldilocks Economy: Supply Shocks and the Time-Varying NAIRU (1999).
Cited: 58 times.

(12) RePEc:nbr:nberre:1694 Why Has the Natural Rate of Unemployment Increased over Time? (1992).
Cited: 58 times.

(13) RePEc:nbr:nberre:0124 Industrial Structure and the Nature of Innovative Activity (1980).
Cited: 56 times.

(14) RePEc:nbr:nberre:1626 Increasing Returns, Industrialization, and Indeterminacy of Equilibrium (1991).
Cited: 50 times.

(15) RePEc:nbr:nberre:0298 Heterogeneity and State Dependence (1982).
Cited: 50 times.

(16) RePEc:nbr:nberre:0845 Market Structures and Macroeconomic Fluctuations (1987).
Cited: 49 times.

(17) RePEc:nbr:nberre:0398 Corporate Financial Structure and Managerial Incentives (1983).
Cited: 45 times.

(18) RePEc:nbr:nberre:0090 Exchange Rate Economics: Where Do We Stand? (1980).
Cited: 40 times.

(19) RePEc:nbr:nberre:1869 Looting: The Economic Underworld of Bankruptcy for Profit (1994).
Cited: 40 times.

(20) RePEc:nbr:nberre:2027 Stock Ownership Patterns, Stock Market Fluctuations, and Consumption (1996).
Cited: 38 times.

(21) RePEc:nbr:nberre:1208 Productivity and Changes in Ownership of Manufacturing Plants (1989).
Cited: 37 times.

(22) RePEc:nbr:nberre:1706 House Price Dynamics: The Role of Tax Policy and Demography (1992).
Cited: 35 times.

(23) RePEc:nbr:nberre:0097 Taxation, Human Capital, and Uncertainty (1980).
Cited: 34 times.

(24) RePEc:nbr:nberre:0558 Foreign Production and Exports of Individual Firms (1984).
Cited: 30 times.

(25) RePEc:nbr:nberre:1199 The Productivity Slowdown, Measurement Issues, and the Explosion of Computer Power (1989).
Cited: 29 times.

(26) RePEc:nbr:nberre:0405 Capital Market Equilibrium with Personal Tax (1983).
Cited: 28 times.

(27) RePEc:nbr:nberre:1057 Are Consumers Forward Looking? Evidence from Fiscal Experiments. (1988).
Cited: 27 times.

(28) RePEc:nbr:nberre:0275 Economic Determinants of Geographic and Individual Variation in the Labor Market Position of Young Persons (1982).
Cited: 26 times.

(29) RePEc:nbr:nberre:0430 Implicit Contracts Under Asymmetric Information (1983).
Cited: 25 times.

(30) RePEc:nbr:nberre:1380 New Indexes of Coincident and Leading Economic Indicators (1990).
Cited: 24 times.

(31) RePEc:nbr:nberre:2092 The Private and Social Returns to Research and Development (1996).
Cited: 23 times.

(32) RePEc:nbr:nberre:1655 Chartists, Fundamentalists and the Demand for Dollars (1991).
Cited: 23 times.

(33) RePEc:nbr:nberre:1825 Regulatory Constraints on CEO Compensation (1993).
Cited: 23 times.

(34) RePEc:nbr:nberre:0792 Floating Exchange Rates: Experience and Prospects (1986).
Cited: 23 times.

(35) RePEc:nbr:nberre:1547 The Sustainability of Fiscal Policy: New Answers to an Old Question (1991).
Cited: 23 times.

(36) RePEc:nbr:nberre:0308 The Youth Labor Market Problem: Its Nature, Causes, and Consequences (1982).
Cited: 23 times.

(37) RePEc:nbr:nberre:0092 Employment Fluctuations and Wage Rigidity (1980).
Cited: 23 times.

(38) RePEc:nbr:nberre:1810 New and Old Keynesians (1993).
Cited: 23 times.

(39) RePEc:nbr:nberre:2117 Macroeconomic Implications of Variation in the Workweek of Capital (1997).
Cited: 23 times.

(40) RePEc:nbr:nberre:0777 The Term Structure of Interest Rates Revisited (1986).
Cited: 22 times.

(41) RePEc:nbr:nberre:0084 Strict Liability Versus Negligence (1980).
Cited: 22 times.

(42) RePEc:nbr:nberre:1265 Patent Renewal Data (1989).
Cited: 21 times.

(43) RePEc:nbr:nberre:1332 Assessing the Federal Reserves Measures of Capacity and Utilization (1989).
Cited: 21 times.

(44) RePEc:nbr:nberre:0113 Output and Price Stability: An International Comparison (1980).
Cited: 21 times.

(45) RePEc:nbr:nberre:0015 Stochastic Implications of the Life Cycle-Permanent Income Hypothesis: Theory and Evidence (1979).
Cited: 20 times.

(46) RePEc:nbr:nberre:0387 Monetary and Portfolio-Balance Models of Exchange Rate Determination (1983).
Cited: 20 times.

(47) RePEc:nbr:nberre:0720 Perspectives on High World Real Interest Rates (1986).
Cited: 19 times.

(48) RePEc:nbr:nberre:1512 Chartists, Fundamentalists, and Trading in the Foreign Exchange Market (1991).
Cited: 18 times.

(49) RePEc:nbr:nberre:1513 What Is New-Keynesian Economics? (1991).
Cited: 18 times.

(50) RePEc:nbr:nberre:0342 The Output Cost of Disinflation in Traditional and Vector AutoregressiveModels (1982).
Cited: 17 times.

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