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Most cited documents in this series:

(1) RePEc:rtv:ceisrp:17 Strategic Monetary Policy with Non-Atomistic Wage Setters (2003).
Cited: 12 times.

(2) RePEc:rtv:ceisrp:27 The Inflationary Consequences of a Currency Changeover: Evidence from the Michelin Red Guide (2003).
Cited: 10 times.

(3) RePEc:rtv:ceisrp:45 Ranking Intersecting Lorenz Curves (2004).
Cited: 9 times.

(4) RePEc:rtv:ceisrp:10 Are Mergers Beneficial to Consumers? Evidence from the Italian Market for Bank Deposits (2003).
Cited: 7 times.

(5) RePEc:rtv:ceisrp:44 A New Indicator of Technological Capabilities for Developed and Developing Countries (ArCo) (2004).
Cited: 7 times.

(6) RePEc:rtv:ceisrp:41 On the Generic Strategic Stability of Nash Equilibria if Voting is Costly (2003).
Cited: 5 times.

(7) RePEc:rtv:ceisrp:26 Endogenous Monetary Policy with Unobserved Potential Output (2003).
Cited: 5 times.

(8) RePEc:rtv:ceisrp:42 Individual Mortality and Macro Economic Conditions from Birth to Death (2003).
Cited: 4 times.

(9) RePEc:rtv:ceisrp:53 Health Effects of Child Work: Evidence from Rural Vietnam (2004).
Cited: 3 times.

(10) RePEc:rtv:ceisrp:20 Consolidation and Efficiency in the Financial Sector: A Review of the International Evidence (2003).
Cited: 3 times.

(11) RePEc:rtv:ceisrp:36 Determinants of Access to Physician Services in Italy: A Latent Class Seemingly Unrelated Probit Approach (2003).
Cited: 3 times.

(12) RePEc:rtv:ceisrp:9 International Money and Common Currencies in Historical Perspective (2003).
Cited: 3 times.

(13) RePEc:rtv:ceisrp:62 Fair Trade: A Third Generation Welfare Mechanism to Make Globalisation Sustainable (2004).
Cited: 3 times.

(14) RePEc:rtv:ceisrp:54 Sustainable Development: Renewable Resources and Technological Progress (2004).
Cited: 2 times.

(15) RePEc:rtv:ceisrp:91 Monitoring Bands and Monitoring Rules: how currency intervention can change market composition (2007).
Cited: 2 times.

(16) RePEc:rtv:ceisrp:31 A Spatial Voting Model Where Proportional Rule Leads to Two-Party Equilibria (2003).
Cited: 2 times.

(17) RePEc:rtv:ceisrp:28 Estimation of the Sharing Rule Between Adults and Children and Related Equivalence Scales Within a Collective Consumption Framework (2003).
Cited: 2 times.

(18) RePEc:rtv:ceisrp:58 Convergence in Per-capita GDP Across European Regions: A Reappraisal (2004).
Cited: 2 times.

(19) RePEc:rtv:ceisrp:75 Parallel Trade, International Exhaustion and Intellectual Property Rights: A Welfare Analysis (2006).
Cited: 2 times.

(20) RePEc:rtv:ceisrp:12 Estimation of Unit Values in Cross Sections without Quantity Information and Implications for Demand and Welfare Analysis (2003).
Cited: 2 times.

(21) RePEc:rtv:ceisrp:87 Bringing Social Standards into Project Evaluation Under Dynamic Uncertainty (2006).
Cited: 2 times.

(22) RePEc:rtv:ceisrp:1 Cost to the Patient or Cost to the Healthcare System? Which one Matters the Most for GP Prescribing Decisions? A UK-Italy Comparison (2003).
Cited: 1 times.

(23) RePEc:rtv:ceisrp:72 Mixing Goods with Two-Part Tariffs (2006).
Cited: 1 times.

(24) RePEc:rtv:ceisrp:25 Childrens Working Hours and School Enrollment: Evidence from Pakistan and Nicaragua (2003).
Cited: 1 times.

(25) RePEc:rtv:ceisrp:51 Semiparametric Mixture Models for Multivariate Count Data, with Application (0000).
Cited: 1 times.

(26) RePEc:rtv:ceisrp:38 Reverse Discrimination and Efficiency in Education (2003).
Cited: 1 times.

(27) RePEc:rtv:ceisrp:68 Parallel Monies, Parallel Debt: Lessons from the EMU and Options for the New EU (2005).
Cited: 1 times.

(28) RePEc:rtv:ceisrp:19 Asset Price Anomalies Under Bounded Rationality (2003).
Cited: 1 times.

(29) RePEc:rtv:ceisrp:49 The Term Structure of Interest Rates and the Public Debt Issuance Policy: A Note (2004).
Cited: 1 times.

(30) RePEc:rtv:ceisrp:66 On the Sources of the Inflation Bias and Output Variability (2005).
Cited: 1 times.

(31) RePEc:rtv:ceisrp:89 Global Monetary Policy Shocks in the G5: a SVAR Approach (2007).
Cited: 1 times.

(32) RePEc:rtv:ceisrp:4 Does the Digital Divide Matter? The Role of Information and Communication Technology in Cross-country Level and Growth Estimates? (2003).
Cited: 1 times.

(33) RePEc:rtv:ceisrp:71 Affordability of Medicines and Patients Cost Reduction Behaviors: Empirical Evidence Based on SUR Estimates from Italy and the United Kingdom (2005).
Cited: 1 times.

(34) RePEc:rtv:ceisrp:50 Monetary Policy and Fiscal Rules (2004).
Cited: 1 times.

(35) RePEc:rtv:ceisrp:67 Fiscal Implications of Pension Reforms in Italy (2005).
Cited: 1 times.

(36) RePEc:rtv:ceisrp:18 Threshold Effects in the US Budget Deficit (2003).
Cited: 1 times.

(37) RePEc:rtv:ceisrp:48 Could do Better: The Effectiveness of Incentives and Competition in Schools (2004).
Cited: 1 times.

(38) RePEc:rtv:ceisrp:29 ICT Investment, Productivity and Efficiency: Evidence at Firm Level Using a Stochastic Frontier Approach (2003).
Cited: 1 times.

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Latest citations received in: 2004

(1) RePEc:deg:conpap:c009_039 On the Beach? Sustainability, Optimal Pollution, and Optimal Population (2004). Dynamics, Economic Growth, and International Trade (DEGIT) / Conference Papers

(2) RePEc:lvl:lacicr:0401 Socially-Improving Tax Reforms (2004).

(3) RePEc:taf:applec:v:36:y:2004:i:13:p:1399-1408 The evolution of income inequality in the European Union during the period 1993-1996 (2004). Applied Economics

Latest citations received in: 2003

(1) RePEc:fip:fedawp:2003-37 The economics of international monies (2003). Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta / Working Paper

(2) RePEc:wpa:wuwpif:0311003 The Internationalization of Money and Finance and the Globalization of Financial Markets (2003). EconWPA / International Finance

(3) RePEc:wpa:wuwpif:0311010 The Economics of International Monies (2003). EconWPA / International Finance

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Latest citations received in: 2001

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