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Journal of Empirical Finance

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Most cited documents in this series:

(1) RePEc:eee:empfin:v:1:y:1993:i:1:p:83-106 A long memory property of stock market returns and a new model (1993).
Cited: 191 times.

(2) RePEc:eee:empfin:v:3:y:1996:i:2:p:123-192 The forward discount anomaly and the risk premium: A survey of recent evidence (1996).
Cited: 147 times.

(3) RePEc:eee:empfin:v:4:y:1997:i:2-3:p:115-158 Intraday periodicity and volatility persistence in financial markets (1997).
Cited: 115 times.

(4) RePEc:eee:empfin:v:3:y:1996:i:1:p:15-102 The econometrics of financial markets (1996).
Cited: 75 times.

(5) RePEc:eee:empfin:v:5:y:1998:i:4:p:397-416 Volatility and cross correlation across major stock markets (1998).
Cited: 48 times.

(6) RePEc:eee:empfin:v:4:y:1997:i:2-3:p:73-114 High frequency data in financial markets: Issues and applications (1997).
Cited: 48 times.

(7) RePEc:eee:empfin:v:10:y:2003:i:1-2:p:3-56 Emerging markets finance (2003).
Cited: 32 times.

(8) RePEc:eee:empfin:v:4:y:1997:i:4:p:317-340 The incremental volatility information in one million foreign exchange quotations (1997).
Cited: 32 times.

(9) RePEc:eee:empfin:v:4:y:1997:i:2-3:p:213-239 Volatilities of different time resolutions -- Analyzing the dynamics of market components (1997).
Cited: 31 times.

(10) RePEc:eee:empfin:v:6:y:1999:i:5:p:457-477 Forecasting financial market volatility: Sample frequency vis-a-vis forecast horizon (1999).
Cited: 26 times.

(11) RePEc:eee:empfin:v:10:y:2003:i:1-2:p:81-103 A simple measure of the intensity of capital controls (2003).
Cited: 26 times.

(12) RePEc:eee:empfin:v:1:y:1994:i:3-4:p:313-341 Alternative constructions of Tobins q: An empirical comparison (1994).
Cited: 26 times.

(13) RePEc:eee:empfin:v:7:y:2000:i:3-4:p:271-300 Estimation of tail-related risk measures for heteroscedastic financial time series: an extreme value approach (2000).
Cited: 25 times.

(14) RePEc:eee:empfin:v:9:y:2002:i:5:p:495-510 Market timing and return prediction under model instability (2002).
Cited: 24 times.

(15) RePEc:eee:empfin:v:4:y:1997:i:2-3:p:187-212 Forecasting the frequency of changes in quoted foreign exchange prices with the autoregressive conditional duration model (1997).
Cited: 22 times.

(16) RePEc:eee:empfin:v:4:y:1997:i:4:p:295-315 Public information releases, private information arrival and volatility in the foreign exchange market (1997).
Cited: 21 times.

(17) RePEc:eee:empfin:v:6:y:1999:i:2:p:193-215 Real exchange rates and nontradables: A relative price approach (1999).
Cited: 19 times.

(18) RePEc:eee:empfin:v:8:y:2001:i:1:p:83-110 Recovering the probability density function of asset prices using garch as diffusion approximations (2001).
Cited: 19 times.

(19) RePEc:eee:empfin:v:10:y:2003:i:4:p:505-531 Univariate and multivariate stochastic volatility models: estimation and diagnostics (2003).
Cited: 19 times.

(20) RePEc:eee:empfin:v:6:y:1999:i:3:p:309-331 A primer on hedge funds (1999).
Cited: 18 times.

(21) RePEc:eee:empfin:v:7:y:2000:i:3-4:p:225-245 Sensitivity analysis of Values at Risk (2000).
Cited: 18 times.

(22) RePEc:eee:empfin:v:1:y:1994:i:2:p:133-160 A contingent claim approach to performance evaluation (1994).
Cited: 17 times.

(23) RePEc:eee:empfin:v:9:y:2002:i:3:p:271-285 Asymmetric information and price discovery in the FX market: does Tokyo know more about the yen? (2002).
Cited: 17 times.

(24) RePEc:eee:empfin:v:8:y:2001:i:5:p:573-637 The specification of conditional expectations (2001).
Cited: 17 times.

(25) RePEc:eee:empfin:v:12:y:2005:i:3:p:476-489 Testing for contagion: a conditional correlation analysis (2005).
Cited: 17 times.

(26) RePEc:eee:empfin:v:5:y:1998:i:2:p:131-154 Testing for mean reversion in heteroskedastic data based on Gibbs-sampling-augmented randomization1 (1998).
Cited: 16 times.

(27) RePEc:eee:empfin:v:1:y:1994:i:2:p:211-248 Testing the covariance stationarity of heavy-tailed time series: An overview of the theory with applications to several financial datasets (1994).
Cited: 16 times.

(28) RePEc:eee:empfin:v:5:y:1998:i:3:p:281-296 International evidence on the stock market and aggregate economic activity (1998).
Cited: 16 times.

(29) RePEc:eee:empfin:v:8:y:2001:i:5:p:459-491 Why long horizons? A study of power against persistent alternatives (2001).
Cited: 16 times.

(30) RePEc:eee:empfin:v:1:y:1994:i:3-4:p:279-311 Neglected common factors in exchange rate volatility (1994).
Cited: 15 times.

(31) RePEc:eee:empfin:v:1:y:1993:i:1:p:3-31 Common stock offerings across the business cycle : Theory and evidence (1993).
Cited: 15 times.

(32) RePEc:eee:empfin:v:6:y:1999:i:4:p:335-353 Multivariate unit root tests of the PPP hypothesis (1999).
Cited: 15 times.

(33) RePEc:eee:empfin:v:1:y:1993:i:1:p:107-131 International asset pricing with alternative distributional specifications (1993).
Cited: 15 times.

(34) RePEc:eee:empfin:v:8:y:2001:i:3:p:325-342 Testing and comparing Value-at-Risk measures (2001).
Cited: 14 times.

(35) RePEc:eee:empfin:v:11:y:2004:i:3:p:379-398 Modelling daily Value-at-Risk using realized volatility and ARCH type models (2004).
Cited: 14 times.

(36) RePEc:eee:empfin:v:2:y:1995:i:3:p:225-251 The relationship between GARCH and symmetric stable processes: Finding the source of fat tails in financial data (1995).
Cited: 13 times.

(37) RePEc:eee:empfin:v:7:y:2000:i:5:p:531-554 Value-at-Risk: a multivariate switching regime approach (2000).
Cited: 13 times.

(38) RePEc:eee:empfin:v:10:y:2003:i:5:p:603-621 Improved estimation of the covariance matrix of stock returns with an application to portfolio selection (2003).
Cited: 13 times.

(39) RePEc:eee:empfin:v:7:y:2000:i:1:p:87-111 Coincident and leading indicators of the stock market (2000).
Cited: 13 times.

(40) RePEc:eee:empfin:v:10:y:2003:i:5:p:641-660 Central bank interventions and jumps in double long memory models of daily exchange rates (2003).
Cited: 12 times.

(41) RePEc:eee:empfin:v:2:y:1995:i:3:p:173-197 The structure of international stock returns and the integration of capital markets (1995).
Cited: 12 times.

(42) RePEc:eee:empfin:v:4:y:1997:i:1:p:17-46 An artificial neural network-GARCH model for international stock return volatility (1997).
Cited: 12 times.

(43) RePEc:eee:empfin:v:7:y:2000:i:5:p:509-530 Bivariate FIGARCH and fractional cointegration (2000).
Cited: 12 times.

(44) RePEc:eee:empfin:v:6:y:1999:i:2:p:177-192 Target zones and conditional volatility: The role of realignments (1999).
Cited: 12 times.

(45) RePEc:eee:empfin:v:8:y:2001:i:2:p:111-155 Testing for mean-variance spanning: a survey (2001).
Cited: 12 times.

(46) RePEc:eee:empfin:v:6:y:1999:i:4:p:355-384 Mean reversion in Southeast Asian stock markets (1999).
Cited: 11 times.

(47) RePEc:eee:empfin:v:4:y:1997:i:4:p:341-372 The analysis of foreign exchange data using waveform dictionaries (1997).
Cited: 11 times.

(48) RePEc:eee:empfin:v:2:y:1995:i:1:p:71-93 Small sample rank tests with applications to asset pricing (1995).
Cited: 11 times.

(49) RePEc:eee:empfin:v:13:y:2006:i:3:p:316-350 Stock market development and internationalization: Do economic fundamentals spur both similarly? (2006).
Cited: 11 times.

(50) RePEc:eee:empfin:v:8:y:2001:i:5:p:537-572 The independence axiom and asset returns (2001).
Cited: 11 times.

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Recent citations received in: 2005

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