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Most cited documents in this series:

(1) RePEc:fip:fedker:y:1999:i:qiv:p:17-51:n:v.84no.4 Monetary policy and asset price volatility (1999).
Cited: 92 times.

(2) RePEc:fip:fedker:y:1999:i:qii:p:5-33:n:v.84no.2 How useful are Taylor rules for monetary policy? (1999).
Cited: 58 times.

(3) RePEc:fip:fedker:y:1994:i:qiv:p:23-43:n:v.79no.4 Past and prospective causes of high unemployment (1994).
Cited: 46 times.

(4) RePEc:fip:fedker:y:2003:i:qiv:p:45-78:n:v.88no.4 Globalization and global disinflation (2003).
Cited: 39 times.

(5) RePEc:fip:fedker:y:1988:i:sep:p:16-33:n:v.73no.8 Economies of scale and scope at depository financial institutions: a review of the literature (1988).
Cited: 34 times.

(6) RePEc:fip:fedker:y:1997:i:qiv:p:39-57:n:v.82no.4 Predicting real growth and inflation with the yield spread (1997).
Cited: 33 times.

(7) RePEc:fip:fedker:y:1991:i:nov:p:5-25:n:v.76no.6 The move toward free trade zones (1991).
Cited: 32 times.

(8) RePEc:fip:fedker:y:1995:i:qii:p:45-57:n:v.80no.2 Multi-office bank lending to small businesses: some new evidence (1995).
Cited: 27 times.

(9) RePEc:fip:fedker:y:1999:i:qiii:p:47-64:n:v.84no.3 The value of interest rate smoothing : how the private sector helps the Federal Reserve (1999).
Cited: 26 times.

(10) RePEc:fip:fedker:y:2005:i:qiii:p:5-32:n:v.90no.3 What caused the Great Moderation? : some cross-country evidence (2005).
Cited: 24 times.

(11) RePEc:fip:fedker:y:2000:i:qiii:p:11-37:n:v.85no.3 Monetary policy and asset prices (2000).
Cited: 21 times.

(12) RePEc:fip:fedker:y:1998:i:qiii:n:v.83no.3 New evidence on the output cost of fighting inflation (1998).
Cited: 21 times.

(13) RePEc:fip:fedker:y:1996:i:qiv:p:25-52:n:v.81no.4 How should central banks reduce inflation? - Conceptual issues (1996).
Cited: 19 times.

(14) RePEc:fip:fedker:y:1993:i:qii:p:21-33:n:v.78no.2 Asymmetric effects of monetary policy (1993).
Cited: 19 times.

(15) RePEc:fip:fedker:y:1995:i:qiv:p:73-89:n:v.80no.4 Monetary policy actions and long-term interest rates (1995).
Cited: 18 times.

(16) RePEc:fip:fedker:y:2001:i:qii:p:5-31:n:v.86no.2 Comparing measures of core inflation (2001).
Cited: 17 times.

(17) RePEc:fip:fedker:y:2004:i:qi:p:5-38:n:v.89no.1 How do data revisions affect the evaluation and conduct of monetary policy? (2004).
Cited: 15 times.

(18) RePEc:fip:fedker:y:2003:i:qi:p:5-27:n:v.88no.1 Implications of structural changes in the U.S. economy for pricing behavior and inflation dynamics (2003).
Cited: 15 times.

(19) RePEc:fip:fedker:y:1997:i:qiv:p:5-22:n:v.82no.4 Why is financial stability a goal of public policy? (1997).
Cited: 14 times.

(20) RePEc:fip:fedker:y:2000:i:qi:p:21-41:n:v.85no.1 Are mergers responsible for the surge in new bank charters? (2000).
Cited: 14 times.

(21) RePEc:fip:fedker:y:2003:i:qii:p:45-73:n:v.88no.2 A closer look at jobless recoveries (2003).
Cited: 13 times.

(22) RePEc:fip:fedker:y:1999:i:qiii:p:15-29:n:v.84no.3 A comparison of the CPI and the PCE price index (1999).
Cited: 13 times.

(23) RePEc:fip:fedker:y:1996:i:qiv:p:5-24:n:v.81no.4 Monetary policy without reserve requirements: analytical issues (1996).
Cited: 12 times.

(24) RePEc:fip:fedker:y:1996:i:qiii:p:63-75:n:v.81no.3 Do bank mergers reduce lending to businesses and farmers? New evidence from Tenth District states (1996).
Cited: 11 times.

(25) RePEc:fip:fedker:y:2001:i:qiv:p:61-87:n:v.86no.4 Can TIPS help identify long-term inflation expectations? (2001).
Cited: 11 times.

(26) RePEc:fip:fedker:y:1993:i:qiv:p:53-69:n:v.78no.4 New estimates of the natural rate of unemployment (1993).
Cited: 11 times.

(27) RePEc:fip:fedker:y:2001:i:qi:p:55-86:n:v.86no.1 What are the benefits of hosting a major league sports franchise? (2001).
Cited: 9 times.

(28) RePEc:fip:fedker:y:1997:i:qiii:p:37-53:n:v.82no.3 Does the yield spread predict real economic activity? : a multicountry analysis (1997).
Cited: 9 times.

(29) RePEc:fip:fedker:y:1982:i:apr:p:3-15:n:v.67no.4 Weekly money supply announcements and the volatility of short-term interest rates (1982).
Cited: 8 times.

(30) RePEc:fip:fedker:y:1984:i:jan:p:27-39:n:v.69no.1 The impact of discount rate changes on market interest rates (1984).
Cited: 8 times.

(31) RePEc:fip:fedker:y:1989:i:nov:p:13-34:n:v.74no.9 The changing interest sensitivity of the U.S. economy (1989).
Cited: 8 times.

(32) RePEc:fip:fedker:y:1995:i:qii:p:59-75:n:v.80no.2 Bank lending and monetary policy: evidence on a credit channel (1995).
Cited: 8 times.

(33) RePEc:fip:fedker:y:1991:i:may:p:25-41:n:v.76no.3 The quiet revolution in the U.S. food market (1991).
Cited: 8 times.

(34) RePEc:fip:fedker:y:1993:i:qii:p:49-65:n:v.78no.2 The changing U.S. pork industry: a dilemma for public policy (1993).
Cited: 8 times.

(35) RePEc:fip:fedker:y:1984:i:may:p:21-30:n:v.69no.5 Recent techniques of monetary policy (1984).
Cited: 7 times.

(36) RePEc:fip:fedker:y:1994:i:qiv:p:79-95:n:v.79no.4 Is the debit card revolution finally here? (1994).
Cited: 7 times.

(37) RePEc:fip:fedker:y:1991:i:mar:p:21-33:n:v.76no.2 Will just-in-time inventory techniques dampen recessions? (1991).
Cited: 6 times.

(38) RePEc:fip:fedker:y:2004:i:qiii:p:5-37:n:v.89no.3 Offshoring in the service sector : economic impact and policy issues (2004).
Cited: 6 times.

(39) RePEc:fip:fedker:y:1986:i:dec:p:3-11:n:v.71no.10 Debt: the threat to economic and financial stability (1986).
Cited: 6 times.

(40) RePEc:fip:fedker:y:1987:i:nov:p:32-49:n:v.72no.9 Dollar depreciation and inflation (1987).
Cited: 6 times.

(41) RePEc:fip:fedker:y:1994:i:qii:p:17-30:n:v.79no.2 Should we throw sand in the gears of financial markets? (1994).
Cited: 6 times.

(42) RePEc:fip:fedker:y:1994:i:qiii:p:27-38:n:v.79no.3 Does inflation uncertainty increase with inflation? (1994).
Cited: 6 times.

(43) RePEc:fip:fedker:y:1980:i:mar:p:3-10:n:v.65no.3 International trade flows under flexible exchange rates (1980).
Cited: 6 times.

(44) RePEc:fip:fedker:y:1986:i:mar:p:16-28:n:v.71no.3 Exchange rate risk and U.S. trade: a sectoral analysis (1986).
Cited: 6 times.

(45) RePEc:fip:fedker:y:1996:i:qiv:p:63-76:n:v.81no.4 Can measures of the consumer debt burden reliably predict an economic slowdown? (1996).
Cited: 6 times.

(46) RePEc:fip:fedker:y:2002:i:qiii:p:45-70:n:v.87no.3 Building the rural economy with high-growth entrepreneurs (2002).
Cited: 6 times.

(47) RePEc:fip:fedker:y:1991:i:may:p:57-71:n:v.76no.3 Forecasting consumer spending: should economists pay attention to consumer confidence surveys? (1991).
Cited: 5 times.

(48) RePEc:fip:fedker:y:1992:i:qiii:p:71-84:n:v.77no.3 Are bank loans still special? (1992).
Cited: 5 times.

(49) RePEc:fip:fedker:y:1989:i:apr:p:18-35:n:v.74no.4 Lessons from West German monetary policy (1989).
Cited: 5 times.

(50) RePEc:fip:fedker:y:1997:i:qi:p:31-46:n:v.82no,1 The productivity growth slowdown: diverging trends in the manufacturing and service sectors (1997).
Cited: 5 times.

Recent citations received in: | 2008 | 2007 | 2006 | 2005

Recent citations received in: 2008

(1) RePEc:cpr:ceprdp:7036 A Measure for Credibility: Tracking US Monetary Developments (2008). C.E.P.R. Discussion Papers / CEPR Discussion Papers

(2) RePEc:dnb:dnbwpp:187 A Measure for Credibility: Tracking US Monetary Developments (2008). Netherlands Central Bank, Research Department / DNB Working Papers

(3) RePEc:fip:fedkrw:rwp08-05 An empirical assessment of the relationships among inflation and short- and long-term expectations (2008). Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City / Research Working Paper

Recent citations received in: 2007

(1) RePEc:fip:fedker:y:2007:i:qiv:p:115-145:n:v.92no.4 Rising foreclosures in the United States: a perfect storm (2007). Economic Review

(2) RePEc:fip:fedkms:y:2007:n:5 The Tenth Districts defining industries: changes and opportunities for rural communities (2007). Main Street Economist

(3) RePEc:fip:fedkpw:psrwp07-02 Nonbanks and risk in retail payments (2007). Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City / Payments System Research Working Paper

Recent citations received in: 2006

(1) RePEc:fip:fedker:y:2006:i:qiv:p:31-59:n:v.91no.4 Minority workers in the Tenth District: rising presence, rising challenges (2006). Economic Review

(2) RePEc:fip:fedkpw:psrwp06-03 Pricing and welfare implications of payment card network competition (2006). Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City / Payments System Research Working Paper

Recent citations received in: 2005

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