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C2Y: Cites in y to articles published in y-1 plus y-2
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Most cited documents in this series:

(1) RePEc:kap:openec:v:4:y:1993:i:3:p:303-324 Do private capital markets insure regional risk? Evidence from the United States and Europe (1993).
Cited: 29 times.

(2) RePEc:kap:openec:v:10:y:1999:i:4:p:415-442 Reforming Budgetary Institutions in Latin America: The Case for a National Fiscal Council (1999).
Cited: 27 times.

(3) repec:kap:openec:v:16:y:2005:i:2:p:135-152 ().
Cited: 25 times.

(4) RePEc:kap:openec:v:18:y:2007:i:2:p:191-214 International Reserves: Precautionary Versus Mercantilist Views, Theory and Evidence (2007).
Cited: 23 times.

(5) RePEc:kap:openec:v:1:y:1990:i:1:p:67-87 German dominance in the EMS (1990).
Cited: 22 times.

(6) RePEc:kap:openec:v:5:y:1994:i:2:p:211-230 The theory of monetary integration (1994).
Cited: 22 times.

(7) RePEc:kap:openec:v:3:y:1992:i:1:p:127-128 German dominance in the EMS:The empirical evidence (1992).
Cited: 22 times.

(8) RePEc:kap:openec:v:11:y:2000:i:4:p:323-358 Fiscal Rules in a Monetary Union: A Short-Run Analysis (2000).
Cited: 19 times.

(9) RePEc:kap:openec:v:19:y:2008:i:1:p:1-19 Business Cycle Synchronization in the Enlarged EU (2008).
Cited: 18 times.

(10) RePEc:kap:openec:v:15:y:2004:i:1:p:5-22 Do IMF and IBRD Cause Moral Hazard and Political Business Cycles? Evidence from Panel Data (2004).
Cited: 17 times.

(11) RePEc:kap:openec:v:5:y:1994:i:3:p:249-259 The myth of a stable European money demand (1994).
Cited: 16 times.

(12) RePEc:kap:openec:v:18:y:2007:i:4:p:427-451 Estimates of the Open Economy New Keynesian Phillips Curve for Euro Area Countries (2007).
Cited: 16 times.

(13) RePEc:kap:openec:v:15:y:2004:i:4:p:385-402 Central Bank Independence, Speed of Disinflation and the Sacrifice Ratio (2004).
Cited: 15 times.

(14) RePEc:kap:openec:v:10:y:1999:i:3:p:263-287 Endogenous Symmetry of Shocks in a Monetary Union (1999).
Cited: 15 times.

(15) RePEc:kap:openec:v:4:y:1993:i:4:p:351-379 A chaotic model of the exchange rate: The role of fundamentalists and chartists (1993).
Cited: 14 times.

(16) RePEc:kap:openec:v:8:y:1997:i:3:p:285-308 Protection and Trade in Services: A Survey (1997).
Cited: 14 times.

(17) RePEc:kap:openec:v:7:y:1996:i:1:p:5-18 Central bank independence and sacrifice ratios (1996).
Cited: 14 times.

(18) RePEc:kap:openec:v:6:y:1995:i:1:p:5-28 Commitment and coordination in a dynamic game model of international economic policy-making (1995).
Cited: 13 times.

(19) RePEc:kap:openec:v:9:y:1998:i:1:p:569-608 Exchange Rate Stability and Financial Stability (1998).
Cited: 12 times.

(20) RePEc:kap:openec:v:15:y:2004:i:4:p:323-346 Overall Specialization Empirics: Techniques and Applications (2004).
Cited: 12 times.

(21) RePEc:kap:openec:v:11:y:2000:i:4:p:383-397 Real Exchange Rates and Fundamentals: Evidence from 15 OECD Countries (2000).
Cited: 12 times.

(22) RePEc:kap:openec:v:9:y:1998:i:2:p:171-194 Trade and Labor Standards (1998).
Cited: 12 times.

(23) RePEc:kap:openec:v:18:y:2007:i:4:p:405-426 Estimated Open Economy New Keynesian Phillips Curves for the G7 (2007).
Cited: 11 times.

(24) RePEc:kap:openec:v:2:y:1991:i:2:p:95-112 Precommitment by central bank independence (1991).
Cited: 11 times.

(25) RePEc:kap:openec:v:6:y:1995:i:2:p:145-165 The quantity approach to financial integration: The Feldstein-Horioka criterion revisited (1995).
Cited: 10 times.

(26) RePEc:kap:openec:v:8:y:1997:i:4:p:371-391 The Stability of European Money Demand: An Investigation of M3H (1997).
Cited: 10 times.

(27) RePEc:kap:openec:v:9:y:1998:i:1:p:467-492 Dominant Currencies and the Future of the Euro (1998).
Cited: 10 times.

(28) RePEc:kap:openec:v:12:y:2001:i:3:p:231-264 Real Impacts of Intra-European Exchange Rate Variability: A Case for EMU? (2001).
Cited: 9 times.

(29) RePEc:kap:openec:v:9:y:1998:i:1:p:537-568 Trade and the Number of OCAs in the World (1998).
Cited: 9 times.

(30) RePEc:kap:openec:v:12:y:2001:i:3:p:265-280 Trade Flows and Spatial Effects: The Gravity Model Revisited (2001).
Cited: 9 times.

(31) RePEc:kap:openec:v:14:y:2003:i:3:p:299-317 Has International Financial Integration Increased? (2003).
Cited: 9 times.

(32) RePEc:kap:openec:v:14:y:2003:i:3:p:251-267 Monetary Convergence and Risk Premiums in the EU Accession Countries (2003).
Cited: 9 times.

(33) RePEc:kap:openec:v:3:y:1992:i:3:p:297-306 Interest rate causality and asymmetry in the EMS (1992).
Cited: 9 times.

(34) RePEc:kap:openec:v:9:y:1998:i:4:p:293-313 International Financial Relations Under the Current Float: Evidence from Panel Data (1998).
Cited: 9 times.

(35) RePEc:kap:openec:v:7:y:1996:i:1:p:625-650 The lender of last resort function under a currency board: The case of Argentina (1996).
Cited: 8 times.

(36) RePEc:kap:openec:v:13:y:2002:i:3:p:291-311 International Trade and Firms Heterogeneity under Monopolistic Competition (2002).
Cited: 8 times.

(37) RePEc:kap:openec:v:1:y:1990:i:2:p:147-173 The cost of disinflation and the European Monetary System (1990).
Cited: 8 times.

(38) RePEc:kap:openec:v:9:y:1998:i:1:p:447-466 Monetary Unions in Historical Perspective: What Future for the Euro in the International Financial System (1998).
Cited: 8 times.

(39) RePEc:kap:openec:v:5:y:1994:i:1:p:47-63 Social security and foreign indebtedness in a small open economy (1994).
Cited: 8 times.

(40) RePEc:kap:openec:v:6:y:1995:i:3:p:237-254 Investment-saving comovement under endogenous fiscal policy (1995).
Cited: 8 times.

(41) RePEc:kap:openec:v:6:y:1995:i:3:p:203-223 The global macroeconomics of NAFTA (1995).
Cited: 8 times.

(42) RePEc:kap:openec:v:12:y:2001:i:1:p:29-60 Macroeconomic Policy Interaction under EMU: A Dynamic Game Approach (2001).
Cited: 8 times.

(43) RePEc:kap:openec:v:13:y:2002:i:3:p:219-235 Terms of Trade Shocks and the Current Account: Evidence from Five Industrial Countries (2002).
Cited: 8 times.

(44) RePEc:kap:openec:v:17:y:2006:i:1:p:115-143 A Primer on Real Effective Exchange Rates: Determinants, Overvaluation, Trade Flows and Competitive Devaluation (2006).
Cited: 8 times.

(45) RePEc:kap:openec:v:10:y:1999:i:2:p:165-184 Trade, Job Destruction and Job Creation in European Manufacturing (1999).
Cited: 8 times.

(46) RePEc:kap:openec:v:2:y:1991:i:2:p:113-136 Fiscal policy independence in a European Monetary Union (1991).
Cited: 8 times.

(47) RePEc:kap:openec:v:9:y:1998:i:1:p:609-636 From the Gold Standard to a Bipolar Monetary System (1998).
Cited: 8 times.

(48) RePEc:kap:openec:v:12:y:2001:i:3:p:305-323 Foreign Direct Investment and Trade: A Causality Analysis (2001).
Cited: 7 times.

(49) RePEc:kap:openec:v:6:y:1995:i:3:p:281-298 A suggested reformulation of the theory of optimal currency areas (1995).
Cited: 7 times.

(50) RePEc:kap:openec:v:13:y:2002:i:4:p:363-379 Global Implications of Monetary and Fiscal Policy Rules in the EMU (2002).
Cited: 7 times.

Recent citations received in: | 2008 | 2007 | 2006 | 2005

Recent citations received in: 2008

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(6) RePEc:ltv:wpaper:200803 The Baltic States and Europe: Common Factors of Economic Activity (2008). Latvijas Banka / Working Papers

(7) RePEc:man:cgbcrp:105 Excess Liquidity, Bank Pricing Rules, and Monetary Policy (2008). The School of Economic Studies, The Univeristy of Manchester / Centre for Growth and Business Cycle Research Discussion Paper Series

Recent citations received in: 2007

(1) RePEc:acb:camaaa:2007-21 MONETARY AND FISCAL POLICY INTERACTION WITH VARIOUS DEGREES AND TYPES OF COMMITMENT (2007). Australian National University, Centre for Applied Macroeconomic Analysis / CAMA Working Papers

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Recent citations received in: 2006

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Recent citations received in: 2005

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(5) RePEc:wpa:wuwpot:0502004 Sequencing Trade and Monetary Integration (2005). EconWPA / Others

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