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Most cited documents in this series:

(1) RePEc:oup:wbecrv:v:10:y:1996:i:3:p:565-91 A New Data Set Measuring Income Inequality. (1996).
Cited: 364 times.

(2) RePEc:oup:wbecrv:v:6:y:1992:i:3:p:353-98 Measuring the Independence of Central Banks and Its Effect on Policy Outcomes. (1992).
Cited: 168 times.

(3) RePEc:oup:wbecrv:v:13:y:1999:i:2:p:379-408 Determinants of Commercial Bank Interest Margins and Profitability: Some International Evidence. (1999).
Cited: 112 times.

(4) RePEc:oup:wbecrv:v:11:y:1997:i:2:p:357-82 What Can New Survey Data Tell Us about Recent Changes in Distribution and Poverty? (1997).
Cited: 105 times.

(5) RePEc:oup:wbecrv:v:12:y:1998:i:3:p:419-55 Demographic Transitions and Economic Miracles in Emerging Asia. (1998).
Cited: 98 times.

(6) RePEc:oup:wbecrv:v:11:y:1997:i:1:p:33-57 Openness and Wage Inequality in Developing Countries: The Latin American Challenge to East Asian Conventional Wisdom. (1997).
Cited: 93 times.

(7) RePEc:oup:wbecrv:v:13:y:1999:i:2:p:275-302 Does Informality Imply Segmentation in Urban Labor Markets? Evidence from Sectoral Transitions in Mexico. (1999).
Cited: 84 times.

(8) RePEc:oup:wbecrv:v:14:y:2000:i:1:p:49-64 Foreign Investment and Productivity Growth in Czech Enterprises. (2000).
Cited: 81 times.

(9) RePEc:oup:wbecrv:v:4:y:1990:i:3:p:351-66 Peer Monitoring and Credit Markets. (1990).
Cited: 72 times.

(10) RePEc:oup:wbecrv:v:14:y:2000:i:2:p:251-85 Macroeconomic Fluctuations in Developing Countries: Some Stylized Facts. (2000).
Cited: 68 times.

(11) RePEc:oup:wbecrv:v:14:y:2000:i:1:p:65-90 Productivity and Turnover in the Export Market: Micro-level Evidence from the Republic of Korea and Taiwan (China). (2000).
Cited: 66 times.

(12) RePEc:oup:wbecrv:v:9:y:1995:i:1:p:75-107 Market Integration and Investment Barriers in Emerging Equity Markets. (1995).
Cited: 65 times.

(13) RePEc:oup:wbecrv:v:10:y:1996:i:1:p:1-25 How Important to Indias Poor Is the Sectoral Composition of Economic Growth? (1996).
Cited: 64 times.

(14) RePEc:oup:wbecrv:v:9:y:1995:i:1:p:153-74 Portfolio Capital Flows: Hot or Cold? (1995).
Cited: 63 times.

(15) RePEc:oup:wbecrv:v:2:y:1988:i:3:p:255-71 Agricultural Incentives in Developing Countries: Measuring the Effect of Sectoral and Economywide Policies. (1988).
Cited: 59 times.

(16) RePEc:oup:wbecrv:v:12:y:1998:i:1:p:29-58 A Panel Data Analysis of the Fungibility of Foreign Aid. (1998).
Cited: 55 times.

(17) RePEc:oup:wbecrv:v:8:y:1994:i:3:p:351-71 The Political Economy of Growth: A Critical Survey of the Recent Literature. (1994).
Cited: 52 times.

(18) RePEc:oup:wbecrv:v:8:y:1994:i:1:p:75-102 How Robust Is a Poverty Profile? (1994).
Cited: 50 times.

(19) RePEc:oup:wbecrv:v:13:y:1999:i:2:p:333-56 Genuine Savings Rates in Developing Countries. (1999).
Cited: 49 times.

(20) RePEc:oup:wbecrv:v:14:y:2000:i:1:p:17-47 Do Trade Patterns and Technology Flows Affect Productivity Growth? (2000).
Cited: 45 times.

(21) RePEc:oup:wbecrv:v:4:y:1990:i:3:p:251-69 Credit Markets in Northern Nigeria: Credit as Insurance in a Rural Economy. (1990).
Cited: 45 times.

(22) RePEc:oup:wbecrv:v:8:y:1994:i:2:p:151-69 Measuring the Restrictiveness of Trade Policy. (1994).
Cited: 44 times.

(23) RePEc:oup:wbecrv:v:13:y:1999:i:2:p:211-56 Household Income and Child Schooling in Vietnam. (1999).
Cited: 44 times.

(24) RePEc:oup:wbecrv:v:10:y:1996:i:2:p:291-321 Stock Market Development and Financial Intermediaries: Stylized Facts. (1996).
Cited: 44 times.

(25) RePEc:oup:wbecrv:v:14:y:2000:i:2:p:221-50 Understanding Patterns of Economic Growth: Searching for Hills among Plateaus, Mountains, and Plains. (2000).
Cited: 43 times.

(26) RePEc:oup:wbecrv:v:16:y:2002:i:2:p:151-170 Default, Currency Crises, and Sovereign Credit Ratings (2002).
Cited: 41 times.

(27) RePEc:oup:wbecrv:v:10:y:1996:i:2:p:223-39 Stock Markets, Corporate Finance, and Economic Growth: An Overview. (1996).
Cited: 39 times.

(28) RePEc:oup:wbecrv:v:10:y:1996:i:2:p:323-39 Stock Market Development and Long-Run Growth. (1996).
Cited: 38 times.

(29) RePEc:oup:wbecrv:v:9:y:1995:i:3:p:477-508 Inequality and Growth Reconsidered: Lessons from East Asia. (1995).
Cited: 37 times.

(30) RePEc:oup:wbecrv:v:17:y:2003:i:2:p:197-227 Child Farm Labor: The Wealth Paradox (2003).
Cited: 37 times.

(31) RePEc:oup:wbecrv:v:7:y:1993:i:1:p:1-44 Moderate Inflation. (1993).
Cited: 36 times.

(32) RePEc:oup:wbecrv:v:5:y:1991:i:1:p:57-82 Measuring Changes in Poverty: A Methodological Case Study of Indonesia during an Adjustment Period. (1991).
Cited: 36 times.

(33) RePEc:oup:wbecrv:v:12:y:1998:i:3:p:483-501 International Evidence on the Determinants of Private Saving. (1998).
Cited: 35 times.

(34) RePEc:oup:wbecrv:v:9:y:1995:i:2:p:201-30 Winners and Losers in Transition: Returns to Education, Experience, and Gender in Slovenia. (1995).
Cited: 35 times.

(35) RePEc:oup:wbecrv:v:6:y:1992:i:3:p:399-422 On the Transmission of World Agricultural Prices. (1992).
Cited: 34 times.

(36) RePEc:oup:wbecrv:v:19:y:2005:i:2:p:141-174 The Varieties of Resource Experience: Natural Resource Export Structures and the Political Economy of Economic Growth (2005).
Cited: 34 times.

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Cited: 34 times.

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Cited: 32 times.

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Cited: 32 times.

(40) RePEc:oup:wbecrv:v:9:y:1995:i:2:p:305-33 The Current Account in Developing Countries: A Perspective from the Consumption-Smoothing Approach. (1995).
Cited: 31 times.

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Cited: 31 times.

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Cited: 30 times.

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Cited: 30 times.

(44) RePEc:oup:wbecrv:v:14:y:2000:i:3:p:597-605 A New Database on the Structure and Development of the Financial Sector (2000).
Cited: 29 times.

(45) RePEc:oup:wbecrv:v:13:y:1999:i:2:p:257-73 Benefit Incidence, Public Spending Reforms, and the Timing of Program Capture. (1999).
Cited: 28 times.

(46) RePEc:oup:wbecrv:v:10:y:1996:i:3:p:397-424 Patterns of Transition from Plan to Market. (1996).
Cited: 28 times.

(47) RePEc:oup:wbecrv:v:17:y:2003:i:1:p:1-25 Grandmothers and Granddaughters: Old-Age Pensions and Intrahousehold Allocation in South Africa (2003).
Cited: 28 times.

(48) RePEc:oup:wbecrv:v:2:y:1988:i:1:p:1-47 Primary Commodity Prices, Manufactured Goods Prices, and the Terms of Trade of Developing Countries: What the Long Run Shows. (1988).
Cited: 27 times.

(49) RePEc:oup:wbecrv:v:17:y:2003:i:2:p:147-173 The Global Child Labor Problem: What Do We Know and What Can We Do? (2003).
Cited: 26 times.

(50) RePEc:oup:wbecrv:v:17:y:2003:i:1:p:107-131 Reducing Child Malnutrition: How Far Does Income Growth Take Us? (2003).
Cited: 26 times.

Recent citations received in: | 2008 | 2007 | 2006 | 2005

Recent citations received in: 2008

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Recent citations received in: 2007

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Recent citations received in: 2006

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Recent citations received in: 2005

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