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Most cited documents in this series:

(1) RePEc:sur:surrec:0503 Go West? Assessing the willingness to move from Central and Eastern European Countries (2003).
Cited: 11 times.

(2) RePEc:sur:surrec:9602 Phases of Imitation and Innovation in a North-South Endogenous Growth Model (1996).
Cited: 10 times.

(3) RePEc:sur:surrec:1706 Poles Apart? EU Enlargement and the Labour Market Outcomes of immigrants in the UK (2006).
Cited: 9 times.

(4) RePEc:sur:surrec:0002 Reconsidering The Pros and Cons of Fiscal Policy Co-ordination in a Monetary Union: Should We Set Public Expenditure Targets ? (2000).
Cited: 8 times.

(5) RePEc:sur:surrec:9403 Fiscal and Monetary Policy in a Monetary Union: Credible Inflation Targets or Monetised Debt? (1994).
Cited: 8 times.

(6) RePEc:sur:surrec:0103 The Economic Impact of Migration: A Survey (2003).
Cited: 8 times.

(7) RePEc:sur:surrec:0804 Robust Inflation-Forecast-Based Rules to Shield against Indeterminacy (2004).
Cited: 6 times.

(8) RePEc:sur:surrec:0403 Independent Utility Regulators: Lessons from Monetary Policy (2003).
Cited: 6 times.

(9) RePEc:sur:surrec:0204 Indeterminacy with Inflation-Forecast-Based Rules in a Two-Bloc Model (2004).
Cited: 5 times.

(10) RePEc:sur:surrec:1203 Estimating the willingness to move within Great Britain: Importance and implications (2003).
Cited: 5 times.

(11) RePEc:sur:surrec:0606 Reaction Functions of Bank of England MPC Members: Insiders versus Outsiders (2006).
Cited: 4 times.

(12) RePEc:sur:surrec:0306 The Dissent Voting Behaviour of Bank of England MPC Members (2006).
Cited: 4 times.

(13) repec:sur:surrec:9702 ().
Cited: 4 times.

(14) RePEc:sur:surrec:0807 Monetary Rules in Emerging Economies with Financial Market Imperfections (2007).
Cited: 4 times.

(15) RePEc:sur:surrec:1206 Dynamics and Diversity: Ethnic Employment Differences in England and Wales, 1991 - 2001 (2006).
Cited: 3 times.

(16) RePEc:sur:surrec:0105 Favouritism and financial incentives: A natural experiment (2005).
Cited: 3 times.

(17) RePEc:sur:surrec:1004 Institutions and Long-Run Growth in the UK: the Role of Standards (2004).
Cited: 3 times.

(18) RePEc:sur:surrec:0603 Price Regulation, Investment and the Commitment Problem (2003).
Cited: 3 times.

(19) RePEc:sur:surrec:0203 The Immigration Surplus Revisited in a General Equilibrium Model with Endogenous Growth (2003).
Cited: 3 times.

(20) RePEc:sur:surrec:1205 A nonparametric test of stochastic dominance in multivariate distributions (2005).
Cited: 3 times.

(21) RePEc:sur:surrec:0308 Panic on the Streets of London: Police, Crime and the July 2005 Terror Attacks (2008).
Cited: 3 times.

(22) RePEc:sur:surrec:0508 How forward-looking is the Fed? Direct estimates from a `Calvo-type rule (2008).
Cited: 2 times.

(23) RePEc:sur:surrec:1505 Consensus Formation in Monetary Policy Committees (2005).
Cited: 2 times.

(24) RePEc:sur:surrec:0003 Macroeconomic Policy Interactions in the EMU: A Case for Fiscal Policy Co-ordination (2000).
Cited: 2 times.

(25) RePEc:sur:surrec:1506 The Implementation of IMF Programs: A Conceptual Framework (2006).
Cited: 2 times.

(26) RePEc:sur:surrec:0505 Over-optimism and the IMF (2005).
Cited: 2 times.

(27) RePEc:sur:surrec:0405 Explaining the Diversity of Industry Investment Responses to Uncertainty Using Long Run Panel Survey Data (2005).
Cited: 2 times.

(28) RePEc:sur:surrec:0703 The determinants of employee crime in the UK (2003).
Cited: 2 times.

(29) RePEc:sur:surrec:1003 The Implementation of IMF Programmes: A Conceptual Framework and a Policy Agenda (2003).
Cited: 1 times.

(30) RePEc:sur:surrec:0705 Bi-Polar Disorder: Exchange Rate Regimes, Economic Crises and the IMF (2005).
Cited: 1 times.

(31) RePEc:sur:surrec:1906 Labour Market and Investment Effects of Remittances (2006).
Cited: 1 times.

(32) RePEc:sur:surrec:0607 Spectrum Property Rights Versus a Commons Model: Exploitation of Mesh Networks (2007).
Cited: 1 times.

(33) RePEc:sur:surrec:1806 What Determines the Implementation of IMF Programs? (2006).
Cited: 1 times.

(34) RePEc:sur:surrec:0307 Accounting for Intergenerational Income Persistence: Noncognitive Skills, Ability and Education (2007).
Cited: 1 times.

(35) RePEc:sur:surrec:0206 Robust Estimates of the New Keynesian Phillips Curve (2006).
Cited: 1 times.

(36) RePEc:sur:surrec:1207 Revisiting Mrs. Machlups Wardrobe: The Accumulation of International Reserves, 1992-2001 (2007).
Cited: 1 times.

(37) RePEc:sur:surrec:0707 Robust Monetary Rules under Unstructured and Structured Model Uncertainty (2007).
Cited: 1 times.

(38) RePEc:sur:surrec:1907 The Determinants of Base Pay and the Role of Race in Major League Soccer: Evidence from the 2007 League Season (2007).
Cited: 1 times.

(39) RePEc:sur:surrec:1807 The Credibility Problem Revisited: Thirty Years on from Kydland and Prescott (2007).
Cited: 1 times.

(40) RePEc:sur:surrec:1104 Everyones A Winner? Union Effects on Persistence in Private Sector Wage Settlements: Longitudinal Evidence from Britain (2004).
Cited: 1 times.

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(1) RePEc:nip:nipewp:16/2008 Admission conditions and graduates employability (2008). NIPE - Universidade do Minho / NIPE Working Papers

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(1) RePEc:sur:surrec:0306 The Dissent Voting Behaviour of Bank of England MPC Members (2006). University of Surrey, Department of Economics / Surrey Economics Online Papers

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