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2014-09-11. My CitEc service is now running. Here you will be able to complete your citation profile by adding a picture, providing data about your presence in social networks or telling us your research areas. And more to come ... Have a look.

2014-07-23: CitEc is now on Twitter. Follow us!!

2014-06-02: Is this page useful? If yes, now you may contribute to help us to improve the services! Have a look to our new sponsors page. Thanks for your collaboration and support!!

2014-04-02: New format of author citations profile. Profiles now include new indicators (i10-index) and new graph for h-index. Also it is possible for each author to add her picture and related data as jel areas of interest or ORCID code. See an example at:

2014-02-26: New format of series citatation profiles with new graphs and indicators added. Now you can see the cumulative impact factor and citations by year of production. See an example at:

2013-12-02: New data added to the author citation profile. Now it is possible to see recent citations received by the author. Also a new graph showing citations by production year has been added. See an example at: