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2015-03-02. New version of author profiles released. In this version we add a new feature to follow the activity of your peers. Try it in this example.

2014-11-07. We now include usage (access/downloads from LogEc) and citation data integrated in each document citations report. See an example.

2014-09-25. You can now search our database of references cited. If you want to know who has cited your work you may query our database of more than 16M references cited. You also may add missing citations once the citing and cited documents have been identified. Try it now.

2014-09-11. My CitEc service is now running. Here you will be able to complete your citation profile by adding a picture, providing data about your presence in social networks or telling us your research areas. And more to come ... Have a look.

2014-07-23: CitEc is now on Twitter. Follow us!!

2014-06-02: Is this page useful? If yes, now you may contribute to help us to improve the services! Have a look to our new sponsors page. Thanks for your collaboration and support!!

2014-04-02: New format of author citations profile. Profiles now include new indicators (i10-index) and new graph for h-index. Also it is possible for each author to add her picture and related data as jel areas of interest or ORCID code. See an example at:

2014-02-26: New format of series citatation profiles with new graphs and indicators added. Now you can see the cumulative impact factor and citations by year of production. See an example at:

2013-12-02: New data added to the author citation profile. Now it is possible to see recent citations received by the author. Also a new graph showing citations by production year has been added. See an example at: