Last updated April, 2 2014 602.332 documents processed, 15.470.533 references and 5.811.572 citations

Citations in Economics (CitEc) provides citation analysis for documents distributed on the RePEc digital library. For each document made available in electronic format we automatically extract and parse its list of references. In this way we know which documents have been cited, how many times and what the citing documents are.

2014-04-02: New format of author citations profile. Profiles now include new indicators (i10-index) and new graph for h-index. Also it is possible for each author to add her picture and related data as jel areas of interest or ORCID code. See an example at:

2014-02-26: New format of series citatation profiles with new graphs and indicators added. Now you can see the cumulative impact factor and citations by year of production. See an example at:

2013-12-02: New data added to the author citation profile. Now it is possible to see recent citations received by the author. Also a new graph showing citations by production year has been added. See an example at:

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This service is addressed to authors which have registered with RePEc Author Service.

In order to access a citation profile, enter the RePEc person id (like ppa123) or type the family name of the author you are interested in:


Citation data for documents:

In order to access the citation data of a document available in RePEc, enter its handle (like RePEc:aaa:ssssss:0000) or type a few words contained in the title of the document you are interested in: