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Politica Agricola Internazionale - International Agricultural Policy2

Recent works citing Daniel Vecchiato (2020 and 2019)

YearTitle of citing document
2019Designing local renewable energy communities to increase social acceptance: Evidence from a choice experiment in Austria, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland. (2019). Friedl, Christina ; Cohen, Jed ; Azarova, Valeriya ; Reichl, Johannes. In: Energy Policy. RePEc:eee:enepol:v:132:y:2019:i:c:p:1176-1183.

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2020Are voluntary markets effective in replacing state-led support for the expansion of renewables? – A comparative analysis of voluntary green electricity markets in the UK, Germany, France and Italy. (2020). Bigerna, Simona ; Herbes, Carsten ; Boutin, Nathalie ; MacDonald, Scott ; Rilling, Benedikt. In: Energy Policy. RePEc:eee:enepol:v:141:y:2020:i:c:s0301421520302238.

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2019Measuring Consumer Preferences and Willingness to Pay for Coffee Certification Labels in Taiwan. (2019). Liu, Chun ; Chen, Han-Shen. In: Sustainability. RePEc:gam:jsusta:v:11:y:2019:i:5:p:1297-:d:210200.

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Works by Daniel Vecchiato:

2013An analysis of the potential effects of the modification of the Prosecco Protected Designation of Origin: a choice experiment In: Politica Agricola Internazionale - International Agricultural Policy.
[Full Text][Citation analysis]
2013Consumer Behaviour in Rural Tourism. Conjoint analysis of Choice Attributes in the Italian-Slovenian cross-boundary area In: Politica Agricola Internazionale - International Agricultural Policy.
[Full Text][Citation analysis]
2011Biomass energy production in agriculture: A weighted goal programming analysis In: Energy Policy.
[Full Text][Citation analysis]
2015Public preferences for electricity contracts including renewable energy: A marketing analysis with choice experiments In: Energy.
[Full Text][Citation analysis]
2013Valuing the benefits of an afforestation project in a peri-urban area with choice experiments In: Forest Policy and Economics.
[Full Text][Citation analysis]
2016Choice experiments and environmental taxation: An application to the Italian hydropower sector In: ECONOMICS AND POLICY OF ENERGY AND THE ENVIRONMENT.
[Full Text][Citation analysis]
2015Sustainable Agriculture and No-Food Production: An Empirical Investigation on Organic Cosmetics In: RIVISTA DI STUDI SULLA SOSTENIBILITA'.
[Full Text][Citation analysis]
2019Analysis of the Factors that Influence Olive Oil Demand in the Veneto Region (Italy) In: Agriculture.
[Full Text][Citation analysis]
2019Households’ Preferences for a New ‘Climate-Friendly’ Heating System: Does Contribution to Reducing Greenhouse Gases Matter? In: Energies.
[Full Text][Citation analysis]
2018Tasty or Sustainable? The Effect of Product Sensory Experience on a Sustainable New Food Product: An Application of Discrete Choice Experiments on Chianina Tinned Beef In: Sustainability.
[Full Text][Citation analysis]
2019Consumers Demand for Social Farming Products: An Analysis with Discrete Choice Experiments In: Sustainability.
[Full Text][Citation analysis]

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