Citations in Economics provides citation analysis for documents distributed on the RePEc digital library. For each document made available in electronic format we automatically extract and parse its list of references. In this way we know which documents have been cited, how many times and what the citing documents are.
Citations in Economics uses ParsCit algorithms in the process of identification and parsing of references. It is a service sponsored by INOMICS.
Data created by Citations in Economics is not intended for direct user access. Instead, it is made available to RePEc services so that they may improve their added value to the research community. The following RePEc services have already implemented citation data: Socionet, CIRTEC, EconPapers and IDEAS.
For more information about Citations in Economics contact: José Manuel Barrueco (University of Valencia, Spain)

CitEc is a RePEc service, providing citation data for Economics since 2001. Sponsored by INOMICS. Last updated June, 27 2024. Contact: CitEc Team.