CitEc : Information for archive maintainers

This service is addressed to RePEc archive maintainers. Using the form bellow it is posible for them to know the processing status of documents distributed on their archives.

All electronic documents freely available on the internet are processed in order to extract the references and look for citations to other RePEc documents. Such process is carried out automatically. There are a variety of reassons for which a document may not be processed correctly. Archives mainatiners may be interested into know the status of their documents in CitEc in order to take the measures needed to improve the processing.

By entering a valid RePEc handle (archive, series or document) the system will return a list of status codes and the number of documents with such status. It is possible for archive maintainers to improve the parsing of their documents including a field X-File-Ref in the ReDIF templates



baddocument: We have not been able to convert this document to text in order to process it.
nofulltext: This document has not an electronic version available
undownloaded: This document has not been processed yet
downerror: This document is not available at the url provided
incompatibleformat: This document is not in PDF or PS format
noreferences: We have not been able to find a references section in this document
binaryfile: We have not been able to convert this document to text in order to process it
ready: We are actually working with this document. Please try again later
pstotexterror: We have not been able to convert this document to text in order to process it
linked: This document has been sucessfully linked
resume: The conversion process gets a very short file. Probably it contains only the abstract of the paper.
wrongnumberofreferences: The process to find out a references section in thisdocument has failed
restricted: Access to this document is restricted and we can not process it





X-File-Ref: It is possible to help the system to improve the parsing of references using the X-File-Ref field in ReDIF templates. The value of this field must be a valid url of an utf8 text file cointaining the references of the paper described by the template. For example:


At the url listed should live an utf8 text file starting with the string References and two blank lines. Then the list of references of the document. A few recomendations for building the references list:

  • Use a single line for each reference
  • Split references with a blank like
  • End each reference with a dot.
  • Avoid urls in the reference. We will look for the current and update version of the document in RePEc.
  • Include several blank lines after the last reference.

For example, the previous file contains:


Aiyagari, S. R. and Wallace, N. (1991). .Existence of Steady States with Positive Consumption in the Kiyotaki.Wright Model,. Review of Economic Studies 58, 901.916.

Butlin, S. J. (1968). Foundations of the Australian Monetary System 1788.1851. Sydney: Sydney Univ. Press.

Cavalcanti, R. de O., Erosa, A., and Temzelides, T. (1997). .Private Money and Reserve Management in a Random Matching Model,. University of Western Ontario, Research Report 9715, Department of Economics.

Diamond, P. A. (1990). .Pairwise Credit in Search Equilibrium,. Quarterly Journal of Economics 105, 285.319.

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