Sponsor Citations in Economics

As other RePEc services, CitEc follows the business model of the open source movement and it is able to work without funding or institutional support. The unique fixed costs are those related to the hosting of the server. At the moment they are sponsored by INOMICS


CitEc is different of other competing services like Google Citations. While GC has a lot of employees, CitEc is the work of a single person working on it only in his spare time. For more than ten years José Manuel Barrueco(Facebook | Homepage) has been developing a open citation index with the purpose of benefit the Economics research community.

Now he needs your help!. He spends around one hour a day working in this project. Which is not too much for managing a database of more than 16M records. Nevertheless, improving the services and dealing with the increasing number of user requests, requires more time and resources. For this reason, if you find the service useful, please consider to make an small contribution...

  • If you are an institution whiling to sponsor CitEc, please get in contact with us.
  • If you are a researcher you can contribute using this form:

Funds raised since 2014-02-04: 945 EUR

CitEc is a RePEc service, providing citation data for Economics since 2001. Sponsored by INOMICS. Last updated June, 3 2024. Contact: CitEc Team.