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   24 years (1997 - 2021). See details.
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Torok, Aron (5)

Stefani, Gianluca (3)

Barjolle, Dominique (3)

Veneziani, Mario (3)

Ferrer Pérez, Hugo (3)

Carbone, Anna (3)

Gorton, Matthew (2)

Resce, Giuliano (2)

Imami, Drini (1)

Drivas, Kyriakos (1)

Caracciolo, Francesco (1)

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Giovannucci, Daniele (6)

Stefani, Gianluca (4)

Hayes, Dermot (3)

Yeung, May (3)

Teuber, Ramona (3)

Lence, Sergio (3)

Kerr, William (3)

Moschini, GianCarlo (3)

marette, stéphan (3)

Menapace, Luisa (3)

Pick, Daniel (3)

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Journals with more than one article published# docs
Politica Agricola Internazionale - International Agricultural Policy2

Working Papers Series with more than one paper published# docs
52nd Seminar, June 19-21, 1997, Parma, Italy / European Association of Agricultural Economists2

Recent works citing Giovanni Belletti (2023 and 2022)

YearTitle of citing document
2022Predicting agri-food quality across space: A Machine Learning model for the acknowledgment of Geographical Indications. (2022). Vaquero-Pieiro, Cristina ; Resce, Giuliano. In: Food Policy. RePEc:eee:jfpoli:v:112:y:2022:i:c:s0306919222001142.

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2022Territorial hotspots of exposure to climate disaster risk. The case of agri-food geographical indications in the Veneto Region. (2022). Salpina, Dana ; Pagliacci, Francesco. In: Land Use Policy. RePEc:eee:lauspo:v:123:y:2022:i:c:s0264837722004318.

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2022Geographical indications and local development: the strength of territorial embeddedness. (2021). Crescenzi, Riccardo ; de Filippis, Fabrizio ; Pineiro, Cristina Vaquero ; Giua, Mara. In: LSE Research Online Documents on Economics. RePEc:ehl:lserod:110767.

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2023Geographical Indications and Risks of Unsustainability Linked to “Disaffection Effects” in the Dairy Sector. (2023). Bartoli, Luca ; Apostolico, Ludovica ; Masi, Margherita ; de Rosa, Marcello ; Francescone, Martina. In: Agriculture. RePEc:gam:jagris:v:13:y:2023:i:2:p:333-:d:1050984.

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2022A Systematic Review of EU-Funded Innovative Agri-Food Projects: Potential for Transfer between Territories. (2022). Mesa-Pedrazas, Angela ; Jimenez-Olivencia, Yolanda ; Ibaez-Jimenez, Alvaro ; Zimmerer, Karl ; Porcel-Rodriguez, Laura. In: Land. RePEc:gam:jlands:v:11:y:2022:i:4:p:519-:d:786533.

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2022On the Study of the Sustainable Development of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Indigenous Peoples’ Diets—Take the Protection of Geographical Indications as an Example. (2022). Ma, Teng-Fei ; Chai, Chang-Wei ; Chao, Tseng-Wei . In: Sustainability. RePEc:gam:jsusta:v:14:y:2022:i:19:p:12803-:d:935802.

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Works by Giovanni Belletti:

2007The roles of geographical indications (PDO and PGI) on the internationalisation process of agro-food products In: 105th Seminar, March 8-10, 2007, Bologna, Italy.
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1997Territorially based promotional strategies of a traditional vegetable product: the case of spinach in Val di Cornia and Val di Serchio In: 52nd Seminar, June 19-21, 1997, Parma, Italy.
[Citation analysis]
1999Origin labelled products, reputation and heterogeneity of firms In: 67th Seminar, October 28-30, 1999, LeMans, France.
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2016Sense and Non-Sense of Local–Global Food Chain Comparison, Empirical Evidence from Dutch and Italian Pork Case Studies In: Sustainability.
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2020Integrated Supply Chain Projects and multifunctional local development: the creation of a Perfume Valley in Tuscany In: Agricultural and Food Economics.
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