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Zhang, Yue-Jun (17)

Wei, Yi-Ming (5)

Shao, Shuai (5)

Su, Bin (4)

Hao, Yu (4)

Zhou, Peng (4)

Lin, Boqiang (4)

Shao, Shuai (3)

Chang, Chia-Lin (3)

Baležentis, Tomas (3)

Xu, Chong (2)

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Wei, Yi-Ming (12)

Ang, B.W. (11)

Zhang, Yue-Jun (8)

Zhou, Peng (6)

Fujii, Hidemichi (4)

Managi, Shunsuke (4)

Cong, Rong-Gang (3)

Liu, Lancui (2)

Wang, Ke (2)

Yuan, Jiahai (2)

Ang, James (2)

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Recent works citing Yabin Da (2024 and 2023)

YearTitle of citing document
2023Efficient methods for approximating the Shapley value for asset sharing in energy communities. (2023). Andoni, Merlinda ; Zhang, Peter ; Robu, Valentin ; Cremers, Sho ; Flynn, David ; Norbu, Sonam. In: Applied Energy. RePEc:eee:appene:v:331:y:2023:i:c:s0306261922015859.

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2023The Belt, the Road, and the carbon emissions in China. (2023). Wang, Zheng ; Du, Limin ; Xiao, Zhaohua. In: China Economic Review. RePEc:eee:chieco:v:78:y:2023:i:c:s1043951x23000135.

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2023Carbon inequality in China: Evidence from city-level data. (2023). Chen, Zhan-Ming ; Wu, Shimei. In: China Economic Review. RePEc:eee:chieco:v:78:y:2023:i:c:s1043951x23000251.

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2023The effect of China’s outward foreign direct investment on carbon intensity of Belt and Road Initiative countries: A double-edged sword. (2023). Rahman, Sanzidur ; Sriboonchitta, Songsak ; Sun, Xiaoqi ; Liu, Jianxu ; Wang, Mengjiao. In: Economic Analysis and Policy. RePEc:eee:ecanpo:v:77:y:2023:i:c:p:792-808.

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2023Analysis of the spillover effects between green economy, clean and dirty cryptocurrencies. (2023). Tzeremes, Panayiotis ; Brahim, Mariem ; Dogan, Eyup ; Sharif, Arshian. In: Energy Economics. RePEc:eee:eneeco:v:120:y:2023:i:c:s0140988323000920.

Full description at Econpapers || Download paper

2023Forecasting Chinese provincial CO2 emissions: A universal and robust new-information-based grey model. (2023). Zhang, Huahan ; Ding, Song. In: Energy Economics. RePEc:eee:eneeco:v:121:y:2023:i:c:s0140988323001834.

Full description at Econpapers || Download paper

2023Exploring the effects of energy quota trading policy on carbon emission efficiency: Quasi-experimental evidence from China. (2023). Liao, Liping ; Zhao, Yating ; Ye, Danfeng ; Wu, Fenger ; Du, Minzhe. In: Energy Economics. RePEc:eee:eneeco:v:124:y:2023:i:c:s014098832300289x.

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2023Local officials’ tenure and CO2 emissions in China. (2023). Shao, Shuai ; Chen, Yang ; Hu, AN ; Tian, Zhihua. In: Energy Policy. RePEc:eee:enepol:v:173:y:2023:i:c:s0301421522006139.

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2023Prediction and scenario simulation of the carbon emissions of public buildings in the operation stage based on an energy audit in Xian, China. (2023). Ni, Pingan ; Bi, Wenbei ; Yan, Zeng Feng ; Zhang, Junjie ; Lang, Jiachen ; Yao, Shanshan ; Lei, Fuming. In: Energy Policy. RePEc:eee:enepol:v:173:y:2023:i:c:s0301421522006152.

Full description at Econpapers || Download paper

2023Breaking the “income-waiting dilemma” to decrease residential building carbon emissions. (2023). Cai, Weiguang ; Ke, Yanyan. In: Energy Policy. RePEc:eee:enepol:v:175:y:2023:i:c:s0301421523000484.

Full description at Econpapers || Download paper

2023A multi-level characteristic analysis of urban agglomeration energy-related carbon emission: A case study of the Pearl River Delta. (2023). Zheng, Hanzhong ; Xu, Linyu ; Dai, Yuqi ; Yu, Ying ; Chen, Lei ; Wu, Wenhao. In: Energy. RePEc:eee:energy:v:263:y:2023:i:pb:s0360544222025373.

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2023Spatiotemporal patterns and driving mechanism of carbon emissions in Chinas urban residential building sector. (2023). Liu, Peiran ; Huo, Tengfei ; Du, Qianxi ; Chen, Huadun ; Cai, Weiguang. In: Energy. RePEc:eee:energy:v:263:y:2023:i:pe:s0360544222029887.

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2023How can China achieve the 2030 carbon peak goal—a crossover analysis based on low-carbon economics and deep learning. (2023). Zhang, Yuxi ; Li, Luji ; Zeng, Qingshun ; Yu, Yue ; Yao, Xiao ; Zhi, Jiaqi ; Shi, Changfeng. In: Energy. RePEc:eee:energy:v:269:y:2023:i:c:s0360544223001706.

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2023Energy security and CO2 emissions: New evidence from time-varying and quantile-varying aspects. (2023). Lobon, Oana-Ramona ; Su, Yun Hsuan ; Zhao, Yan-Xin ; Wang, Kai-Hua. In: Energy. RePEc:eee:energy:v:273:y:2023:i:c:s0360544223005583.

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2023Timetable and roadmap for achieving carbon peak and carbon neutrality of Chinas building sector. (2023). Cai, Weiguang ; Cong, Xiaobo ; Shi, Qingwei ; Xu, Linbo ; Du, Qianxi ; Huo, Tengfei. In: Energy. RePEc:eee:energy:v:274:y:2023:i:c:s0360544223007247.

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2023Unveiling the interconnectedness between energy-related GHGs and pro-environmental energy technology: Lessons from G-7 economies with MMQR approach. (2023). Gu, Xiao ; Khan, Zeeshan ; Sheikh, Muhammad Ramzan ; Hossain, Mohammad Razib ; Guan, Zepeng. In: Energy. RePEc:eee:energy:v:281:y:2023:i:c:s0360544223016286.

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2023How does green finance drive the decarbonization of the economy? Empirical evidence from China. (2023). Wang, Keying ; Lou, Runchi ; Lee, Chien-Chiang. In: Renewable Energy. RePEc:eee:renene:v:204:y:2023:i:c:p:671-684.

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2023Influence of renewable energy infrastructure, Chinese outward FDI, and technical efficiency on ecological sustainability in belt and road node economies. (2023). Ajaz, Tahseen ; Cai, Haiya ; Zhao, Yongliang ; Zhang, Zhuo. In: Renewable Energy. RePEc:eee:renene:v:205:y:2023:i:c:p:608-616.

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2023Does innovation save more energy? Evidence from Chinese Firms. (2023). Ren, Yuanming ; Gao, Jingyi. In: International Review of Economics & Finance. RePEc:eee:reveco:v:85:y:2023:i:c:p:638-646.

Full description at Econpapers || Download paper

2023The optimal carbon tax mechanism for managing carbon emissions. (2023). Dang, Chuangyin ; Wang, Shouyang ; Hu, YI. In: Socio-Economic Planning Sciences. RePEc:eee:soceps:v:87:y:2023:i:pb:s0038012123000642.

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2023Towards a Decoupling between Economic Expansion and Carbon Dioxide Emissions of the Transport Sector in the Yellow River Basin. (2023). Zheng, Wenlong ; Kou, Xiaofei ; Liu, Zheng ; Zhang, Shiqing. In: Sustainability. RePEc:gam:jsusta:v:15:y:2023:i:5:p:4152-:d:1079747.

Full description at Econpapers || Download paper

2023Population aging redefines the economic growth-carbon emissions nexus, energy consumption-carbon emissions nexus - Evidence from 36 OECD countries. (2023). Wang, Lili ; Li, Rongrong ; Yang, Ting. In: Energy & Environment. RePEc:sae:engenv:v:34:y:2023:i:4:p:946-970.

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Works by Yabin Da:

2021Are climate change damages on winter wheat overstated? Evidence from China In: 95th Annual Conference, March 29-30, 2021, Warwick, UK (Hybrid).
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2019Determinants of carbon emissions in ‘Belt and Road initiative’ countries: A production technology perspective In: Applied Energy.
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2014Regional allocation of carbon emission quotas in China: Evidence from the Shapley value method In: Energy Policy.
[Full Text][Citation analysis]
2015The decomposition of energy-related carbon emission and its decoupling with economic growth in China In: Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews.
[Full Text][Citation analysis]
2015Highway flood disaster risk evaluation and management in China In: Natural Hazards: Journal of the International Society for the Prevention and Mitigation of Natural Hazards.
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