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Fiszeder, Piotr (2)

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Bouri, Elie (1)

Dilanchiev, Azer (1)

Maghyereh, Aktham (1)

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Clements, Michael (1)

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Rubaszek, Michał (1)

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Recent works citing Daniel J. Pastor (2022 and 2021)

YearTitle of citing document
2022Forecasting renewable energy stock volatility using short and long-term Markov switching GARCH-MIDAS models: Either, neither or both?. (2022). Wang, LU ; Wu, Jiangbin ; Cao, Yang ; Hong, Yanran. In: Energy Economics. RePEc:eee:eneeco:v:111:y:2022:i:c:s0140988322002237.

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2022Forecasting crude oil volatility with exogenous predictors: As good as it GETS?. (2022). Bonnier, Jean-Baptiste. In: Energy Economics. RePEc:eee:eneeco:v:111:y:2022:i:c:s0140988322002249.

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2021Modelling the volatility of TOCOM energy futures: A regime switching realised volatility approach. (2021). Marsh, Ian W ; Huang, Chih-Yueh ; Alizadeh, Amir H. In: Energy Economics. RePEc:eee:eneeco:v:93:y:2021:i:c:s0140988319302063.

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2021A closer look into the global determinants of oil price volatility. (2021). Filis, George ; Gabauer, David ; Filippidis, Michail ; Chatziantoniou, Ioannis. In: Energy Economics. RePEc:eee:eneeco:v:95:y:2021:i:c:s0140988320304321.

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2022Forecasting the volatility of crude oil futures: The role of oil investor attention and its regime switching characteristics under a high-frequency framework. (2022). Suleman, Muhammad Tahir ; Niu, Zibo ; Liu, Yuanyuan ; Zhang, Hongwei ; Yin, Libo. In: Energy. RePEc:eee:energy:v:238:y:2022:i:pa:s0360544221020272.

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2021Forecasting crude oil volatility with geopolitical risk: Do time-varying switching probabilities play a role?. (2021). Ma, Feng ; Wang, LU ; Gao, Xinxin ; Hao, Jianyang. In: International Review of Financial Analysis. RePEc:eee:finana:v:76:y:2021:i:c:s1057521921000983.

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2023What do the AI methods tell us about predicting price volatility of key natural resources: Evidence from hyperparameter tuning. (2023). Chavriya, Shubham ; Parihar, Jaya Singh ; Rao, Amar ; Srivastava, Mrinalini ; Singh, Surendar. In: Resources Policy. RePEc:eee:jrpoli:v:80:y:2023:i:c:s0301420722006924.

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Full description at Econpapers || Download paper

2022Forecasting volatilities of oil and gas assets: A comparison of GAS, GARCH, and EGARCH models. (2022). Lien, Donald ; Xu, Yingying. In: Journal of Forecasting. RePEc:wly:jforec:v:41:y:2022:i:2:p:259-278.

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Works by Daniel J. Pastor:

2020The effects of renewables portfolio standards on renewable energy generation. In: Economics Bulletin.
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2018Forecasting crude oil price volatility In: International Journal of Forecasting.
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